Letters to Autumn 27
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 27

Dear Autumn,

I don’t know if it’s because the clocks went back on Sunday or the fact that I finally took out my winter coat from where it had been collecting dust in my wardrobe, but these past couple of days I have been distinctly aware of the fact that you are soon leaving us Autumn and your colder sister is going to take a firm hold of the upcoming months.

I finally looked up around me as I walked around and noticed that the leaves had mostly taken on a rusty colour. I became more aware of all the fallen ones that have lost their battle with their branch of residence as I noticed them collecting on the edges of pavements and in roads.

There is a far more evident chill in the air that bites at exposed patches of skin and breathing is slowly being more evidently accompanied by white wisps of air swirling around faces. Somehow the sun seems harsher in this new, welcomed (by me at least) chill and the clouds always look more threatening as they roll across the sky as night crawls in as they hold the ever more present threat of rain.

There is the oh so cliche thing of commenting on the fact that it’s so dark by 5 now and the odd person who gives two times because just in case you didn’t know the clocks went back. The countdown to Christmas reaches a new level of…something. And sometimes Halloween is remembered in with all the festive.

Soon I will look up and the branches will be bare as will the evidence that there were ever leaves on the trees and I will know that you are truly behind us Autumn, waiting until next year.

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