Letters to Autumn 29
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 29

Dear Autumn,

First of all, winter seems to have really come out with a force. A cold force. That 2* on the walk to the station this morning was a lot to take in. The winter coat is back out, I just found my gloves in said coat, I just felt all snuggly and shit. It meant getting out of bed was a little less shit because I stayed warm.

I am also about to enter some kind of book review writing hell. I have 11 to write.


I’m an idiot.

Because a smart person would write them as I read them. And the smart person in me, because there is one, thought that I should do that. I had every intention of doing it, but I read the books at a quicker rate than I found the motivation to write up my thoughts on the ones that I had read.

So now here I am. With 11 to write. Potentially 12 depending on my reading pace. But definitely 11.

I don’t even know where yo begin with them. In theory I should start at the beginning and then work up to the most current, but it would also make sense to start with the ones that I’ve just finished as they will be quicker to get done and that would alleviate some pressure.

The problem with that method is that backwards is not the way that these reviews are gonna post. They are going in the order that I read them.

And they span back to the tail end of September, honestly it may be longer, I’m scared to check Goodreads which would confirm this to me. For some reason I just know that’s gonna stress me.

I mean the task is already low key stressing me because 11 book reviews is no joke and part of me worries that I’ve forgotten how to do it which is ridiculous because they can be whatever the hell I want them to be. However, this might also be a good thing, because I’ve read a lot of books in that time that I’ve fully fangirled over and had to take time to digest them. Which I’ve now done. so those are going to be slightly more controlled than they potentially could have been.

The other good news for me is that I’ve got a little bit of a buffer before they need to start going up. That new/old posting schedule of mine is a blessing.

That’s my current task. It’s know of the only thing on my mind. I need to get this buffer of posts written so I can kind of push this blog back to simmer while I get some shit written for this damn thing.

Overall I’m excited though.

My writing feels like its got its mojo back and I’m here for that, it chose the right time to make its reappearance.


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