Letters to Autumn 3
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 3

Dear Autumn,

Stay with me here, I’m gonna talk about books which I haven’t done for a while and am well aware that I am going to dedicate the whole of next month to, but I came to a realisation at the weekend.

I now have under 10 books left to read for this year. I am in the midst of reading book 43. It’s insane to me that I am actually almost at the finish line and can see it on the horizon. I have 6 and a half books left to read.

The problem is this. One there are 3 books that I have left that I physically cannot transport anywhere so I am going to have to read them on weekends and in the evenings when I’m not letting myself be mocked by a flashing cursor on my screen. Which leaves me with 3 and a half books that I are actually on my reading list. The half almost sent me into a reading slump and so I changed books to something that I knew I would like, and the option to do that again is open to only one other book. The other two are two books that I’ve already tried to read this year and wasn’t able to get into and so moved onto to something else.

Part 2 of the problem is that I have bought a lot of books this year. Books that I was not supposed to buy because I was supposed to go through all the books that I bought in 2016 that I shouldn’t have and so I imposed a booking buying ban on myself. And then promptly ignored at several points of the year. Now I only bought all of these books because I was intrigued by them and what they had to offer (and some of them had really pretty covers…I’m weak) which means that on some level I really want to dive in and read them.

I just can’t because I have all these other books that I also want to read, but that list is slowly getting smaller and instead of remaining fully focused on finishing that my mind is starting to wander. Over to the books that are in my future. Beyond the reading challenge.

This has basically come up because I go away next week for 5 days and as part of my travels I am going to spend a LOT of time on trains and such and I’ve started thinking about what books I am going to take with me, and none of the ones that I have left are appealing to me. But all the other ones that I’ve bought are…

And now I’m in a conundrum.

Do I veer off track and select a couple of books from my secondary reading list (why am I the kind of person who has a secondary reading list?) or do I stick with the reading list that has been planned out for me.

Also, yes this is the thought that is the most pressing for me right now. Come Sunday night when I have to pack actual clothes I’ll probably be fine. But the books are the most important part and I don’t know how I’m going to approach it…


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