Letters to Autumn 3
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 3

Dear Autumn,

Having one of those days is bad enough. But it gets about 10x worse when you have one on a Friday surrounded by people who are all slightly more peppy than usual because it’s almost-but-not-quite the weekend.

That was most of my day yesterday. The niggling presence of it was there from the second I was rudely awoken and manifested itself by 10am (there was a brief glimmer of hope that it would stay away when Backstreet’s Back came on the radio, but alas no).

So come lunch I found myself going for a little wander (short one, I had half an hour) in the warm glow of the sun that has been around these past few days. As I walked I felt myself slowly feel less like locking myself  in a dark room never to leave again and feel a little bit more like normal.

This feeling got better when I walked into my good old friend Waterstones. It is no secret to anyone that I love a good bookshop and even though I am supposed to be on a book buying ban (pre-orders don’t count…) just walking in made me feel instantly calmer. Just being surrounded by all the books calmed something jumpy in me and I felt something akin to being at peace.

I’ve always found that the phrase ‘reading is an escape’ resonates with me, but I haven’t had it presented to me as clearly as I did yesterday. As my fingers trailed along spines and my eyes caught titles that I will read one day soon(ish) I could actually feel myself mentally calm the hell down.

And then I left (without a new book…that time) I was back to the sunshine and I finally something akin to the Friday feeling I was surrounded by.

Ah, the healing power of books.

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