Letters to Autumn 30
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 30

Dear Autumn,

My dog and I have a weird relationship. And this wasn’t what I was going to talk about when I sat down to write this letter, I don’t really know what I was going to talk about before. But as my hands started hovering over the keyboard my dog started barking at me for no real reason.

He then promptly turned around in a circle, found a bone and jumped right up on the sofa next to me before he started gnawing away at it. When he does that I just wait for him to decide that his paws aren’t a good enough foundation to keep the bone in place and replace them with my thigh. Sometimes it happens, sometimes he just gets bored mid chew and falls asleep on it instead.

The relationship is weird because generally speaking he avoids me. In a if we are both in the living room alone together (which was a lot because I spent over a year unemployed and in the house) he will wander on upstairs and stay there until either my mum comes home or he has decided to stand in front of me and wag his tail in hope of dinner or the toilet kind of way.

But I’m still the person he asks first for either of those, if I’m in. In a room full of people he will trot his way over to me first and look at me with his wide eyes and then in the direction of the food (or the back door, they are the same place pretty much). And repeat that until I get up where he follows me like a shadow to the destination. He follows me to the kitchen when he knows that I’m cooking food, because well he knows he is bound to get treats that way. And he is very accommodating to the various tricks I make him do to get the treats.

If he is ever curled up in my seat on the sofa (yes I have one of those) and I’m suddenly around, no matter how comfy and soundly asleep he seems to be, he shifts enough to give me room to sit down and then flops down next me and resumes sleeping (he sleeps a lot, I’m envious of that). He spends early Saturday mornings lying on my bedroom floor (again sleeping, sometimes scaring the crap out my half asleep self, but mostly sleeping). He proudly presents me with his toys and then leaves them with me to go find another one he wants me to help him hoard.

I mean he doesn’t avoid me completely. The amount he shows on my Instagram is indication of that enough, although I am always surprised when I get a picture of him that isn’t blurred because he always seems to know when a camera is pointed in his direction.

Buuuttttt, the moment someone leaves the house and leaves us as the only residents in the house for the time being I do start counting the minutes before he slowly makes the crawl up the stairs.

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