Letters to Autumn 31
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 31

Dear Autumn,

autumn is here


And just as soon as you arrived you have left us for another year Autumn.

It’s been both a good and a bad month for me. Full of little ups and downs that had to be navigated because that’s life. It’s been a rather warm month that has just made the turn into sweater weather (I phrase it like that because it always reminds me of the song, it’s a jumper) and therefore we’ve hit my favourite time of year.

There are pumpkins everywhere, sprouting up with jagged smiley faces and uneven hollowed eyes. Cobwebs and witches hats are thrown in every corner and spiders dangle from random places and apparently we’re not totally freaked about it for the time being. There is chocolate EVERYWHERE that slowly makes way to more festive things, if it hasn’t been swarmed by it already.


The colours are my favourite. Rich reds and yellows.Everything seems warmer despite the turn into a colder time. A delightful oxymoron.I will miss that about you Autumn. As much as I like that I know where I stand with Winter, there is a physical coldness that comes with it. With the bare trees and frosted, naked branches. The crunch of ice under footprints on pavements or grass. The fact that some mornings you can see the cold before you even dare to step outside. It’s an all round different experience to the one had under your time.

So thank you for your golden glow this year Autumn. I both look forward and dread seeing you again, because when I next see you that means yet another year will be drawing to a close all too soon.

But, until next year.


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