Letters to Autumn 4
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 4

Dear Autumn,

What gives?

Not that I’m not enjoying the crisp, bright blue skies with the warmth from the sun, but where is the chill? Within five minutes of being outside in my spring (!) coat I’m overheating. My layers are failing me because they aren’t necessary. Not really.

Come my excursion outside for lunch it’s not necessary to even entertain the idea of putting my coat on. In fact my cardigan/jumper/whatever other piece of knitwear I own is almost a little too much as I walk around in the sun.

Arguably it feels more like summer in your golden glow then it during a lot of our ACTUAL summer. I’m not gonna lie, a small part of me is enjoying leaving the house in the morning and seeing damp pavements at the same time as I see perfectly clear and blue skies because I love the way the world looks when it’s just rained…but I also love layers (and getting caught in the rain isn’t all that bad for me. In fact I almost love that…). I can adapt to the warmer temperatures (almost) just fine, but my peak falls during you Autumn and your colder counterpart Winter. That need to bundle up in jumpers and burrow under blankets is my favourite kind of need (behind the need for cake). The thick socks and chunky heeled boots is the peak of my aesthetic, I dunno it’s something about the need for socks because at no point did I truly ditch the boots.

Same with the almost scalding mugs of coffee, they never truly went anywhere, but come this time of year the urge to chuck a huge load of ice in my super huge coffee has usually all but disappeared completely. Not this time. I’m craving a straw being chewed in between my teeth and the ice cold caffeine hit, not the comfort and warmth that comes from a mug cupped in between my palms as well the shot of energy.

Like I said, your typical autumnal says haven’t seemed to arrive yet. But my scarf is always ready.

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