Letters to Autumn 6
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 6

Dear Autumn,

Allow me to get slightly meta for a minute as I talk about the timing of my letters to you, in a letter to you.

So the problem with writing these letters to you is that I do it 24 hours in advance (because sometimes I am orgainsed). But in doing this it means that by the time they post they aren’t necessarily accurate anymore. Take yesterday’s for example where I talked about beautiful sunsets and clear blue skies, it was accurate when I wrote it, and had been for nearly a week. Then come to the actual yesterday, there was a continual threat of rain and dark clouds that clogged up the sky and meant that by the time I actually made the journey that I talked about in my letter last night I was bundled up in my scarf and coat and clutching onto my umbrella handle with slightly cold, numb fingers as the evening around me took on a deep purple tone.

Sometimes I write these letters (and yes, I am fully aware that it is only day 6 of 31) in a blur of creativity and then I forget about it after I have hit schedule and then it’s almost like I am reading them all over again for the first time when the post the following day. This happened on Saturday when I woke up in a very different, and better, mind set to the one that plagued most of my Friday and reading that letter to you was almost startlingly because time changes feelings and attitudes so quickly (I also slept soundly and blissfully on both Friday and Saturday night…oops to getting out of bed on both weekend days at noon and then chilling alllll day).

In a short time I have learnt that these letters are a really quick way of feeling nostalgic or reminiscent. Of what I am not too sure at the moment. But I am starting to see the appeal of maintaining a diary, purely because it is easy to see how quickly thoughts and feelings change in a matter of hours.

And I should probably stop talking about the weather, it is nothing if not temperamental during your glow.

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