Letters to Autumn 7
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 7

Dear Autumn,

I’m making my annual trip up North to the coast today. I was supposed to go yesterday but train strikes had other ideas so I had to buy a new ticket and alter my plans slightly.

Which was no biggie really. I got an extra workout in, I got to have my new favourite pastry. I went to a bookshop on Bookshop Day, it was Waterstones and I complete the purchase of my Roxane Gay trilogy for the year, which I’m excited about because I feel in love with Gay’s writing about 5 pages into Hunger and so am excited to delve into her other work.

However it did mean that I had to wake up at an absurd time of morning on a Sunday. A day where my body (and brain) is used to waking up at 10:30 and no earlier (rather annoyingly I’m gonna have to wake up early next Sunday as well, why the hell did I sign myself up to work on a Sunday morning?). So this morning’s wake up was a real shock to the system.

The journey itself is simple enough. I mean I had to change a couple of times which was a bit of a faff but it’s pretty simple (I can however get to Amsterdam via train in almost the same amount of time as it takes to just go up North). And as I have mentioned before I do love me a train journey, way more than a car or train one. There is weirdly a sense of freedom that comes with trains. Cars feel too cramped after a while and I just kind of never really get over the fact that I’m thousands of miles in the damn air with no escape. At least on a train you can move about and get off (I’m aware that both of these things also apply to planes, but also thousands of miles in the air).

I particularly like this train journey because it gets me out of the damn city. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a full city girl and London owns my damn heart and soul, but it can drive a girl insane sometimes and you just gotta get away.

It’s not a very long time I’m spending out of London, I’m back on Thursday afternoon (and then back to work on Friday, boo, hiss) but it’s enough (and also, again, city girl, I go crazy after a while with that small town living, also the staring gets to be a bit much after a while). The sea air has restorative properties as do seaside walks.

It hits a version of the reset button and gets me prepped for the rest of the year. It’s usually my last holiday of the year, but now I’ve got a quick little December trip to Malta in the calendar.

I need a bit of a total rest, even though I was off last week I was still mostly out of my house doing shit (6 workouts in 6 days, good one me). These next few days there will be very little of doing shit.

Let’s do it.


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