Letters to Autumn 9
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 9

Dear Autumn,

I like to think that I’m not an overly messy person and to a degree that’s true.

However, I do like to spread out. And I can do so very quickly. I first noticed this when I started showering at the gym. I then have to moisturise and I clean and moisturise my face as well. Sometimes I have to apply leave in, sometimes I also apply make up. The point is I have to re-set myself up for the day. And it’s only when I am repacking my bag that I notice that somehow my shit has ended up everywhere and to be honest I haven’t even noticed it happening.

But I am aware of it now and I have gotten better at not taking up so much space, but to be honest that is primarily driven by the fact that the changing room is busy and so you’ve got to slot in where you can, but as it slowly empties out I slowly start spreading out and then before I know it I’m packing my shit back up and finding it absolutely everywhere.

The reason I’ve started thinking about this (because for the most part I’ve just accepted it and keep am eye out to make sure I’m not in anybody’s space) is because it took me all of 5 minutes to get settled into a room that I’m going to be in for 4 days (5 nights).

And it made me laugh when I realised what had happened. I took one look around what would be my room for a little while and there would be no mistaking that it was mine.

My hair products are out. My entire skincare routine is just chilling. My book. My laptop. All my jewellery. Just little hints of me are dotted around. I’m staking my claim, like a dog or some shit.

I honestly don’t even know why I haven’t and almost never unpack my clothes properly but the little stuff, the stuff I use twice a day. The stuff that takes up a surprising amount of space in my suitcase. All that stuff gets unpacked and spread out. So it feels like mine for a little bit. It makes it easier to breathe for me or something. It’s a touchstone.

So I guess I do know why I do it.

And also it’s only now that I have truly noticed just how many baby pink toiletries I own. So many. It’s amusing for a whole variety of reasons.

Love,Main sign off

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