Letters to Autumn 1
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 1

Dear Autumn,

It’s been a while since I started a post like that, which would make sense given that it has been a whole year since you were last here. Not that you didn’t keep us all guessing as to whether or not you would actually arrive this year. It looked like for a little while that it was just going to go from a blisteringly hot and muggy world to one that was going to be bitingly cold and dark and windy with no transitional period.

But that, thankfully changed this week.

The days were still bright and sunny and almost seemed like they still had the promise of summer, but the early morning air had a bite to it and that could only mean one thing. That you were finally here Autumn. I finally managed to unearth my good old trusty leopard print scarf and slowly bring out my thick, oversized jumpers from the back of my wardrobe. And occasionally it still felt like the remnants of summer was here during the afternoon, but come the evenings the bite was back and I was taking comfort in the jumpers that I had wrapped myself up in for the journey home.

And then this morning I was woken up by the gentle sound of rain outside my window and when I pulled back the curtains (admittedly that one took place this afternoon…) the pavement was damp and the ripples in the puddles were reflecting the autumnal sun. It was shaping up to be one of those days that required both sunglasses and an umbrella, I only left the house in the end with one of those things and I learned within moments of leaving the house…there was no rain, just sunshine.

This week has also brought with you the reappearance of my leather jacket and this morning I opened my first pair of new boots for the season and fell totally in love with them because it finally means that it is boots wearing season once again and I have basically fallen back into my element.

So I am going to retreat back to snuggly cave, clad in joggers and a massive (new) hoodie, drink some peppermint tea, eat pizza and ice cream and watch Netflix and Strictly and just have a totally chill Saturday night and get some more writing done and just revel in the fact that you are well on your way to arriving Autumn.

And I can’t wait.


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