Letters to Autumn 12
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 12

Dear Autumn,

I am feeling inspired right now.

I went to an event last night which was right up my alley and all about writing and books and publishing and basically all the things that would run through my core like the words  ‘brighton’ on a piece of rock.

Now I am basically in the beginning stages of maybe actually thinking about doing Nano next month. And what I mean by that is that I am going to do it but in order to do it I am going to have to clean up my July camp nano blob of words so that I have a solid foundation to actually maybe write another 50,000 words. And well that blob of words needs a helluva lot of editing and I keep just not doing that for whatever reason (see yesterday’s letter where I am basically just terrible at time management and really good at making excuses. I was supposed to use my excessively long train journeys last week to get a good chunk of it done and then just didn’t because I got distracted by some other idea and being really fucking tired).

Now it’s not like last night struck a lightbulb or anything, but it did give me a kick up the ass to actually buckle down and do it so that I don’t start November looking at Everest and not knowing how I’m going to approach climbing it. I want (and to be honest need if I want any hope of staying sane throughout the month) to be able to look at a blinking cursor on my screen on Tuesday November 1st (although having said that the status of my free time that night is currently a grey area, so it might be Wednesday, but you get the point) and not be intimidated by it because I know that I have the foundation (because I’m cheating a little bit) that I need and the skeleton for the rest of it that I can build muscle into over the course of the month.

And being in that room full of (bear with me, this may sound pretentious but hey I’m a former English student who was told yesterday that I was the sole reason it felt ‘acceptable’ to be milling around Broadway Market because it is a certain level of hipster and I look like I fit right in…) all this creative energy seemed to just spark something somewhere within me.

It made me excited to finally dive back in and figure out what the hell i’m doing with this thing. To actually figure out exactly how I want it to end and how I want this thing that I know I want it to do to actually manifest itself in a way that actually comes close to making some kind of sense. Because it’s a total mess in my brain so there’s no way it won’t come out like that too.

I’m just excited to plot and edit and ultimately write and finish the month with something a bit closer to an actual novel as the outcome. I mean if it all goes to plan I’ll finish the month (and let’s be honest the year) with something like 70-75,000 words and that sounds insane, but is totally something that if I pull it off I will be massively proud of. Because I would have ultimately almost finished the thing and that’s mind blowing.

So, yeah I’m feeling inspired right now. And I hope it continues.


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