Letters to Autumn 14
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 14

Dear Autumn,

There is a definite chill in the air these days. Mornings are accompanied by a sharper bite as the air nips at fingertips and the edges of ears. The sun seems to shine brighter and the yellow glow of sunrise seems to be a little bit harsher with its warmth. The days no longer fully warm up as the hours pass. Sometimes they do and the last remnants of summer warm the early afternoon, but mostly the cold becomes slightly less cold but still cold enough to remind you that the final, and usually longest, season the year is imminent.

The leaves on the trees have mostly fallen off and made their way to a soggy pile of mush on the pavement that they previously crowned. No longer tainted with yellow and red hues but more of a brown and dull shade that just reminds you that the days are going to all start to take on a slightly duller tone. A greyer one.

I felt that truly for the first time today. My commute back from work had a bite to it. It was all grey and the threat of rain seemed to hang over the world. Grey clouds were made to take on a pink undertone as the setting sun tried to break through and bathe the world in some sort of glow before darkness took over. It failed. The dusty undertones were soon captured by the grey and everything dimmed slightly. Street lights and headlights started to stand out more and rain started to drizzle down and coat the earth. The wind picked up and the realisation that it barely half 6 and yet night had well and truly fallen for the day makes it all the more possible to ignore.

Winter is most definitely coming. So I must enjoy you autumn while I can.


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