Letters to Autumn 16
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 16

Dear Autumn,

At some point in the last 48 hours I have messed up some muscle in my right hand. There were inklings of in on Friday night as the day drew to a close (quite literally) and then when I woke up on Saturday it was sort of being a bother. But I could live with it.

Then at 5 something AM this morning the pain woke me up and decided to make itself known to me as a problem that wasn’t going to go away quietly. My main issue with it all wasn’t the fact that apparently my right hand is 85% out of action right now but the fact that I was being deprived of one of my two long nights sleep of the week. I was just lying there for nearly 2 hours trying to figure out if it was swollen in comparison to my other wrist (it isn’t) and where exactly it is that it hurts (it’s just slowly moving down and congregating straight on the joint).

Eventually I managed to fall back into some form of sleep as I nailed the necessary hand placement in order for it to not really be noticeable, it wasn’t really all that comfortable but it was better than the alternative of being in a shit ton of pain and wide awake. I surprisingly made it to 11:45 and once I had done a bit more assessing of the situation I finally forced my way out of bed and onto an ice pack.

Which has basically been my day.

I showered, ate, watched a couple of episodes of HIMYM and then iced it again. Ate some more, plowed through some more episodes, iced it again. Ate again (I’ve been weirdly hungry all day today, what I really want is freshly baked bread and butter, but that ain’t gonna happen because even if I had the ingredients to make bread and the patience I couldn’t knead the damn thing so it would be pointless) finished season 2 and iced it again. Ate dinner, watched Strictly, made a dent in S3 and iced it again.

At this point it feels a little less like it’s going to make me cry every time my hand so much as twitches. I can make a fist. I managed to type this post with minimal pain. I can actually bend my wrist in both directions also with minimal pain. I can’t really put all that much weight on it but it’s not like I’m actively trying to test that limit. It does mean that my Sunday plans of editing didn’t happen because I’m old school and do it with pen and paper and well I can’t really hold a pen for all that long. But when I woke up this morning I was basically most things with badly with my left hand (I wish I was ambidextrous most of the time but I wanted that to be the case more than ever this morning as I was getting ready) and at this point of the day I can hold my toothbrush and use it.

I’m not gonna be an idiot about this, if it goes on for longer than another day then I’m gonna see someone about it, but at the moment icing it seems to be working.

That’s pretty much life for me today Autumn. Netflix, food, ice pack and a onesie.

Until tomorrow (where hopefully this will be less of an issue)


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