Letters to Autumn 2
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 2

Dear Autumn,

Today sort of got away from me. I briefly woke up at 10:09 and turned over thinking ‘just ten more minutes’ and then when I stretched myself awake and looked at the time again I was confronted with the numbers 11:44. It’s not that I had a lot of things to do today, mainly just washing and doing a bit of cleaning around the house…and starting Luke Cage, it’s just that it was a bit odd to be forced to recognise the fact that I am tired because at this point I am so used to being in denial about truly tired I actually am that it is sort of white noise to me.

Most Saturdays these days are spent waking up increasingly closer to noon after a week spent at work and 5 nights of just barely making 6 hours sleep. My body just basically gives up when I climb into bed on Friday night and doesn’t really move all that much as I settle in for a night’s sleep. It’s something that I have become slightly used to.But Sunday’s are a bit more regular. I usually tap in at 8 hours and then wake up and just go about my day.

But not today. And as confusing as it was to wake up 80 minutes after I intended to I did also wake up eventually feeling somewhat close to being rested. I also still managed to to get the washing done, do the bit of cleaning I needed to do, start watching Luke Cage and eat all before 2pm. So it wasn’t too bad, and largely it was probably worth it. Lounging around in a pair of leggings and a hoodie before yoga and getting some writing done in that time, the sun streaming through the window and the slight bite of a wind in the air has also set the tone for this Sunday as well as being rested.

It’s been a pretty good day all in all. And as I was in the midst of writing this particular post I was informed that it has been 4 years since I started this blog. The best decision I ever made.


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