Letters to Autumn 21
Letters to Autumn,  My Life

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 21

Dear Autumn,

Timehop teaches me a thing or two about myself.

The first being that anything longer than 4 years ago makes me cringe and wonder why I ever thought being on the internet was a good thing. The second being that in terms of posts on the internet I have, thankfully, evolved for the better (I think). And the final thing is that I apparently work in cycles.

For example, back in August I always seem to comment on the beginning of the football season. The content varies (obviously because no one start to the season is the same) but I always seem to make a comment on the fact that I can’t quite believe that it is starting out again because that means 3 months has passed. In September I always seem to catch some kind of illness, or coming down with something always seems to threaten my entire existence. In May I always seem stressed (the cause of which for the past 2 years has been largely inexplicable, because the pressure of academia is a thing of the past for me).  January everything seems a little bleak with a bright spark that is my birthday towards the end of the month.

And then we have October.

Where I routinely comment on the change in weather (which to be honest I see for the better…what can I say this is when I come back into my own and can wear 75% of my wardrobe?). Where I moan about the fact that I am probably still ill or it’s getting worse and I’m feeling a bit run down. Where I seem to talk about a lot of TV shows because this is the season for all of them to return. Where, even though it is no longer on anymore, I still find myself talking about Merlin (I miss this show so much and the only thing stopping me from rewatching it all over again is the fact that I have so much other shit to watch for the first time). And, which is incredibly relevant right now, I find myself complaining about the fact that apparently a certain holiday that I am pretty sure happens in the final month of the year apparently starts now and I can’t do that. And no, I will not mention it by name because I feel like saying out loud gives it some kind of power that I am not willing to give it right now…

I’m kind of curious to know what else will end up being a recurring thing month on month as I don’t think I’ve gone through a full year cycle on Timehop yet.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve realised this past week. Even though some things have changed there are definitely recurring themes year on year that means that somehow my life on the internet works largely in cycles. It’s maybe not the best epiphany to have, but it’s all I’ve got…


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