Letters to Autumn 23
Letters to Autumn,  My Life

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 23

Dear Autumn,

Today has been a bit of a pamper day and that has mainly come from the fact that I couldn’t ignore the state of my hair any longer and had to accept that it really needed a lot of TLC. The residual effects of the summer sun has most definitely taken it’s toll on my hair and I could no longer pretend that jut running my fingers a tad aggressively through my hair while it was laden with conditioner was going to cut it (I am fortunate that my hair is pretty forgiving, it takes ages to look truly awful and to be honest almost all of the sins of my hair can be concealed by my go to hairstyle of just putting it all into a bun).

So I finally got on with it, washed my hair and then doused it in conditioner and took a wide toothed comb to my far too long tresses. It took 40 minutes and because of the very nature of my hair it didn’t really stay truly untangled, but it was untangled enough. And the fact that I was doing the task while watching How I Met Your Mother made it all the better. And once I had rinsed the conditioner out I then got to slather a hair mask on it and let that do its thing. And then because I had to wait for the hair mask to do its thing I had some time to kill so I also exfoliated and then I noticed that I should really redo the nail varnish on my toes, so then that happened. And while I am at it I should finally redo the nail polish on my fingernails because I’ve been saying that I am gonna do that for about a week now.

I’ve pretty spent the whole day wearing my comfiest clothes, eating carbs and ice cream (there was protein and fruit in there as well), watching How I Met Your Mother (if you can’t tell, this is the show that I am currently binge watching and making my way through. I’m halfway through season 5 now, I’m gonna say it’s been less than two weeks since I got back into this show early in season 2…I’m committed), reading a bunch of magazines, doing a heap of blog related writing and actually doing some editing finally. And later on tonight I will apply a face mask and give my skin a bit of a (psychological) deep clean of my face and just truly remove the grim and dirt of the week off my face. And then I’m just gonna go to bed and potentially sleep. And not think of a million and one excuses to not get back on the exercise horse…

In typical me fashion I have basically just spent my Sunday being super duper lazy, which is what I told people I was going to on Friday, and I had a pretty great time doing so. (And I also need to remember to take better care of my hair again because the cold fucks it up more than the heat)


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