Letters to Autumn 26
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Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 26

Dear Autumn,

So I got a bit bored at some point during my mid morning lull. It usually happens around 11 when I reach the point where I start to feel a bit hungry and remember that it is probably a bit too late to eat breakfast (which I don’t even have on me anyway because terribly I binned that off as a meal a few months ago and unless I get hit in the face with a craving for an almond croissant, it just doesn’t happen) and knowing deep in my core that it is way too early to get lunch because then my mid afternoon snack will basically just be a second lunch and in the long run it would cost me more money and who needs that?

Anyway, point is there was a lull and my mind wandered

It wandered to the fact that I started Moby Dick  again today and in my 25 minute train journey this morning I managed 12 pages (I didn’t manage any on the way home because I wrote this very letter instead). On average I can read 25-30 pages on the train portion of my commute into word.

I read 12 this morning.


Of a book that is over 600 pages.


Anyway, that’s like 2% of the book according to Goodreads and that got me thinking. Just how much reading do I need to do to finish this reading challenge on time?

Then I did some of my favourite thing, maths.

And I came up with the following:

There are 66 days left of the year (which can fuck right off to be honest) and in total I have 10 books left (I’m on 30 now in Moby Dick) and I have 5,866 pages left to read.


Now as I was adding that all up and the number exceeded 2,000 with about 3 books I audibly swore in a tone that warranted concern from the person sitting next to me  (no I did not tell them the reason for it). And then the number just kept on getting bigger (which it would if you keep adding to it…).

Then I was left with that lovely number.


Which is bad enough but then I had to take into consideration that horrifyingly small number that a Google search provided me with first.


After yet more maths (I say this like I didn’t use a calculator that I don’t even need to unlock my phone to access) I was presented with an even more horrifying number.


Aka 89.

I have to read 89 pages A DAY for the REST OF THE YEAR in order to finish this fucking reading challenge on time.


And I managed 12 today…


Main sign off

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  • Jenn Moss

    Wow. Is Moby Dick a mandatory part of the challenge? I’ve always found it a better book to read here and there while I’m reading other books for challenges and such.

    • Sophie

      In theory it’s not mandatory because I’ve set it for myself, but I want it out of the way after a few failed attempts at reading it. Thanks for reading! x

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