Letters to Autumn 28
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 28

Dear Autumn,

I came to a realisation as I was walking into work today that this month has been really lacking in the creativity department. I kind of didn’t really pay much mind to it to be honest until I got to thinking about how doing this last year felt slightly different. Don’t  get me wrong I definitely hit a wall with this last year because daily posting about your relatively repetitive life gets a) kinda boring and b) causes some kind of creative drought because each day has to be different even if everything is the same.

The problem is that I came into this month in some kind of creative drought because September caused one in about 9 days and well it just sort of continued. I can’t seem to put a creative thinking cap on and even when I do, typically it is to do with editing and jotting down ideas for the ever looming Nano thing that starts next week. So basically everything is just sort of focused on that and unless I have a fully solid idea that just will not leave my head or doesn’t fit into my Nano project I’ve just sort of really annoyingly stopped being creative. 

It basically means that currently that I have a lot of notes on my phone right now that are just sort of half formed ideas or paragraphs that I’ve made a frequently forgotten mental note to go back to at some point. They make no sense to me whenever I do go back to them, maybe one day they will but I am not holding out hope for that…(okay maybe I am a little bit).

I am both happy and mildly annoyed that this has turned out to be the case. On the one hand it’s kind of nice to only have ideas that for the most part will benefit the big project but on the other hand it kind of feels a bit odd to not be thinking of new ideas on a semi regular basis. Even if nothing ever comes of them and I am certain that someone else could probably do a better job of making the idea come to fruition I just found slightly reassuring that they were happening in the first place, and now I just feel a bit lost without them popping into my mind at 3am when I am supposed to be sleeping.

Funny how that has happened because at one point in time the fact that I did that used to annoy me to no end, cos ya know…sleep.

I’m sure it will come back soon. At least I hope it comes back soon. I kind of need it to come back soon. Like by early next week kind of soon. Because ideas are fine and all but I still gotta write the thing…I need my creative mojo back to write the thing.

So, yeah, please come back to me.


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