Letters to Autumn 3
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 3

Dear Autumn,

Today has been tiring to say the least.

Office moving days will do that you.

There was a chill in the air this morning as I left my house and began what actually turned out to be the penultimate time that I would turn right to begin my commute to work, I was all bundled up though so that didn’t matter. The day definitely warmed up the closer the time crept to noon and when I went to get coffee the bite had lessened, on the walk from one office to the other I felt like I was overheating and could feel my t-shirt starting to want to stick to the curve of my spine. Come lunch I ditched the jacket completely and welcomed the pleasant warmth. I also made the mistake of taking a proper seat for the first time that day and it was then the lethargy kicked in. Eyelids feeling droopy and stomach starting to finally register that it required food. Legs starting to feel heavy and tension starting to run through the shoulders. The weight of the past week or so prepping for this move finally started to sink in and was made all the greater by the fact that the end is nigh.

Come the end of the day when it felt like somehow the day was productive and yet also like there was still so much to do I dragged my tired legs and body (the tired legs is important) and the chill was back, but not quite as intense as at the beginning of the day. The bite was accompanied by a perfectly painted orange sky and somehow I pulled some motivation from somewhere to actually finally make a Monday night spin class. Maybe it was the autumnal glow of the evening, maybe I have finally gotten good at no longer making excuses as to why I shouldn’t do something because the excuses are flimsy.

I made it through the class, it left me a sweaty mess and made me realise just how tired my legs truly are after about 10 minutes when they just totally died on me (also what does it say about me that I prefer standing climbs or anything that means that I am not in the saddle above everything when it comes to spinning?), but I still kept going. And left feeling like I had achieved something great.

By the time I left the gym the bite in the air was back with a vengeance. At first it as cooling and welcome to my clammy, sweaty mess of a self, but once my skin had cooled the soft buttery confines of my jacket was like a warm hug and I am grateful to have it back in my life.

Also, cooking too much last night saved my butt because it meant no cooking tonight, which after a nice hot shower, some exfoliation (and taking a slither of skin off my leg in the shaving process) and climbing into my pj’s was totally welcome.

Tomorrow will be busy to. And then once I make it to Wednesday afternoon it should cool off slightly because at the very least I will be granted a reprieve from work and will be able to breath in the sea air. But until then.


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