Letters to Autumn 31
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 31

Dear Autumn,

The clocks going back it all well and good on a Sunday because it doesn’t really affect you all that much because who is super busy on a Sunday anyway (or is that just me?)? But the Monday morning comes around and my body starts preparing itself for the blare of my alarm a whole hour ahead of schedule and thus what could have been an actual good night’s sleep gets totally thrown off balance and that sets the tone for the whole day.

In other news, it’s Halloween today, which means tomorrow I can stop hearing about it, thank goodness. However it does also mean that that other thing is just going to ramp and potentially grind on my nerves for the next 2 months. Although I live in hope that I’m going to be so in a little Nano bubble that I’m not even going to really notice until December. (Although typically come the tail end of November I accept that it’s coming and don’t get so Scrooge about it, and sometimes I just really love a Turkey Feast sandwich.) (And also I so will, my walk back from the gym tonight reminded me of the fact that it was coming, because some of the lights are already blazing away in the night sky.)

I mean I won’t be, let’s be real. 1,667 words a day are easy to procrastinate on, especially when the foundations have yet to be properly laid down as of today…I’m already seeing this weekend as just being me catching up on word count (and maybe finally going for a swim and putting my How I Met Your Mother binge watch to bed). But it’s all about the challenge.

That’s what you’ve bene for me this year Autumn, the calm before the storm that is quite a mammoth creative challenge. I mean you have also been your own version of a storm in some ways, creatively speaking only that is. Actual weather wise you’ve been annoyingly summery it has to be said. But with your crisp blue skies and warm yellow sunshine you’ve also brought with you some the most beautiful sunsets that I have seen in a while that up until yesterday, when they were rolled a whole ahead of that time, usually coincided perfectly with my commute home. Stunning purples, vibrant oranges and gentle blues that took over for the evening, making everything seem a little better.

You’ve also come with me pushing myself slightly. Doing new things and not letting the fear of striking out keep me from playing the game (yes, that was an A Cinderella Story reference, I now have a sudden urge to rewatch that film). You’ve brought about an altogether better mood in me which to be honest had been dormant for quite some time and as such made everything seem a little less. Just a little less. Nothing felt overwhelmingly like it was going to crush me underneath a panic attack and that’s always nice. You’ve brought with you the chance to get a bit of sea air and actually go for long walks on the beach. To see a beautiful manor and roam it’s gardens for hours on end and a beautiful water feature that I always like. You’ve brought with you some great new music and I’ve rediscovered old classics that I still love (hello, Man, I Feel Like a Woman). I’ve done more exercise this month than I have previously and in some ways I am stronger for it (in others I am super broken…my core aches right now, as do my legs). I’ve spent an excessive amount of times on trains, and waiting for trains and dealing with train delays. I walk through a lot more parks and see a lot more dogs.

As the world around me seems to let go in an array or reds, oranges, yellows and browns I seem to be doing that too in some ways. And Autumn this year, I think you’ve changed me a little in a way that you haven’t before.

The cold dark nights are drawing in quickly now which means that Winter is on it’s way and you are gone for another year, but thank you Autumn.

Until next year,


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