Letters to Autumn 6
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 6

Dear Autumn,

So this letter is coming later than usual, even though I was the one that set up my own posting schedule, because I have pretty much only just got back in for the day.

I went on a car journey today for the first time in a long while. And don’t worry I’m not about to talk about yet another mode of transportation journey because I think I got most of that out yesterday, but I went on one. The Hamilton soundtrack was playing, I had my dog sat in the seat next to me flitting between looking out of the back window and lying down to get some much needed shut eye. A steady beat of his breathing going on underneath my hand, the sunlight streaming through the window and refracting into rainbows across the blue denim of my jeans and the grey fabric of the car seats. The landscape outside of the windows was moving by in an array of rich greens and slightly dulling yellows, rolling hills and stoic trees.

All of a sudden the rolling hills separated to reveal a long road that opened up to Castle Howard. And what a beauty it was.

And that is where I spent most of my day. Walking around through huge expanses of green that seemed never ending. Just moving along almost aimlessly and seeing nothing but green all the way to the horizon, there were even a few sheep at one point. Just looking at the most beautiful architecture and ornate marble structures standing proud and reflecting the sunlight which decided to stay out for the majority of the day. Beams of light reflecting off the lake that drew my attention instantly because very little calms me more than just being around bodies of water, so where I am right now is soothing the soul in a way that I really need it to right about now. Being gently tugged by an eager and roaming dog discovering god knows what scents in the still slightly dewy grass at various points in the day. Finding solace in the constant stream of water that was sprouting out of the most gorgeous water fountain, that shone in the light and brought about a sense of peace that when you live in a loud city such as London is more than welcome sometimes, whether you realise it or not. Milling around the inside of the Castle to the gentle sounds of people playing the piano (special shout out to the appearance of Falling Slowly, which was both beautiful and bloody heart wrenching, that song sure knows how to make feelings a thing). Witnessing the intricate artistic work on the interior painting of the Dome and marvelling in the views that are on offer from the window of the whole grounds (yes, including that beautiful fountain). Seeing first hand some of the sets that were used in both the TV and the film adaptations of Brideshead Revisited and then because I am me buying a stunning edition of the book in question.

The drive back was slightly more subdued, the slight toll of all the walking settling in before we settled in for a few drinks and then my favourite part of any day. Eating.

So much tapas was consumed that for a brief moment I contemplated unbuttoning my high waisted jeans, which although great are not the best thing to be wearing when you’re going to eat far too much food. There were potatoes and calamari and meatballs and lamb and salads and mushrooms. And bread. Can’t forget about the bread. And even though it all felt like a bit too much and that I was going to drop into a deep food induced sleep, I still managed to find room to eat the most delightful chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream which was made all the more pleasurable by the fact that the brownie was still slight warm and just so good.

Which brings me to now. Sitting on a sofa, semi watching Celebrity Juice (as The Apprentice has now finished) and finally feeling a little less totally stuffed.

Tomorrow is apparently going to be a relatively relaxed one. There will be a trip to the beach of course because it would be rude not to when it is pretty much just there, I won’t have to cook dinner because I have parents that are going to do that for me (yay). But too be honest chill is just what I need. Work has been hectic, life has been kind of draining as a consequence of the work thing and a chill Friday is right up my street.

So, until tomorrow Autumn.


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