Letters to Spring 12

Letters to Spring 12

Dear Spring,

I finally finished that book yesterday. It was the kind of book that I wanted to finish mainly so I could just be done reading it and move on to something else. The level of achievement I felt when I realised that I could get it done comfortably on my train journeys to and from work was immense. And it is now done.

And I am faced with an overwhelming amount of options for my next book. 30 of them to be specific. Somehow that number, although it keeps physically getting smaller, never seems to be getting smaller. I mean I have to keep switching it around for myself and look at it as though I have now read 21 books this year, which is good. I inch closer to my 51 goal with each book I turn to the back cover. What my next book will be is a mystery (although one I will have the answer to by the time this posts because I will have made train journey that needs some entertainment by then).

Another thing that I am currently doing right now is becoming mildly obsessed with 13 Reasons Why. I was trying to put it off until I had finished some other things that I am in the middle of watching, but then come Sunday night it became the thing that was calling to me the most and before I knew it I was 3 episodes in and totally hooked. And with each episode that I watch (I have regulated it to one a night) I get more and more hooked. And more intrigued and all that good stuff that makes not falling into an ultimate binge watching session super duper hard. But I need to at least try and get some sleep so that I can be a somewhat functioning human being at work, so I am only 5 episodes in. But I cannot wait for the next one.

That’s pretty much all I have right now to be honest. I finished a book and got more invested in yet another show (and added to the aching muscles problem…)


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