Letters to Spring 15

Letters to Spring 15

Dear Spring,

Timehop keeps reminding me that this time last year I was in a Hamilton hell hole (and I am still very prone to melodrama) and as such I have found myself strolling down that avenue of memory lane. That whole month was a whirlwind of trying to stay just one tiny step ahead of my writer’s block and just about beating it. I mean I know that I also spent a lot of time trying to play catch and I don’t think I had a single weekend that wasn’t double upped with posts in a bid to finish on time.

I am still impressed with myself that I managed to get all 30 posts done in the month and know that that is largely to do with the fact that I kind of just started pulling from things that had previously existed only in my notebook and finally biting the bullet and letting them into the world. It meant that I reached my desired goal, even if it was a struggle to do so.

Which brings me nicely onto my next thing, Camp Nano. Yesterday I officially brought my word count down. And then I say it is only by 10,000 like that isn’t a lot of words in itself and is if I still don’t have just over 10,000 words to write with only half of the month, but the new word count is 15,000.  Weirdly that seems more manageable for me then the previous one of 25,000. It’s still an insane amount of words to make it to word count I know (I’m currently at 4,500) but I just feel like I am more likely to make it now.

And well, I’ve proven to myself before that I can write 10,000 words in half a month. I just need to remember over the next 15 days and make use of the long weekends that are provided this month, starting now…


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