Letters to Spring 16

Letters to Spring 16

Dear Spring,

Old habits die hard and I have come to the realisation that every time I go to writer a post right now that has the word letter in the title and opens with the word dear that I then default into typing the word ‘autumn’ after it. And then I remember that it’s April and this is a different concept that I am addressing for the time being.

There are plenty of other habits that I still have as well. Like I still pick at spots on my face when they appear. I still jiggle my leg up and down for no real reason. I scratch my nail varnish off even though I know I shouldn’t. I crack my knuckles a bit too much. I’m messy as hell. There are a lot of bad habits that I should maybe break. I mean, they aren’t quite as simple as just deleting some letters and then typing the correct ones. And I also don’t really see me breaking most of them anytime soon because at this point they are just engrained into who I am as a person. They don’t really affect anyone, unless you happen to be sat on a bench or some other shared sitting space when my leg decides to go a bit crazy.

I do know that I need to cool it with the spot picking thing and it’s one of my resolutions (sorry, intentions) for the year so I’m working on it. The others though…who knows.


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