Letters to Spring 17

Letters to Spring 17

Dear Spring,

I guess it’s another case of laziness striking me that means that this post is coming later than intended. It wasn’t like I had a particularly busy Easter Sunday, I went out with my parents but was back home by 9. And then I just sort of settled onto my sofa with an Easter egg that I ate in it’s entirety while I carried on watching 13 Reasons Why.

Which I have now finished. That was a rollercoaster of emotions that kept me guessing and really messed with me on some level and when the final credits rolled my head was swirling with all these thoughts and trying to tie up the loose ends that I had been left. It was hard to watch, especially the episodes that I watched over the last two days, but I am so glad that I watched it and didn’t put it off until I had finished off some other stuff first.

I also finished a book today. That turned out not to be as fulfilling an experience as I had hoped when I started it. I mean it, thankfully, remained enjoyable but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped when I was drawn in in the first few chapters. It does also mean that I have to (well I don’t have to, but if I don’t do it now then I might never do it)  venture back into a book series that I’d maybe rather not have to do, but I guess that’s what happens when you set yourself a goal that you want to reach…and when you just want to get it out of the way. It’s also what happens when you average at reading a book per week and somehow forget that fact when you choose your interim book…

Randomly (much like this post, I know) that has reminded me that I need to do a check on the length of the books that I have left so that I can weight it a bit better and not find myself in a situation where all the big books are coming at the end of the year (although I don’t actually think I have a book bigger than 600 pages…or if I do it’s only one). That happened to me last year and we all know how that ended…unfinished.

Oh, yeah also today concludes my 7 out of 8 days work outs and I am so looking forward to that rest day tomorrow and the consumption of yet more chocolate later tonight because I still have a lot of that stuff left…which is an odd position to be in when you are mostly off sugar…


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