Letters to Spring 19

Letters to Spring 19

Dear Spring,

I got my hair back this week.

Which I know sounds somewhat ridiculous because in theory my hair didn’t really go anywhere, but my attitude to it has changed somewhat since I got it cut. Mainly in that I now give a shit about whereas before I just sort of faked enthusiasm about it because it seemed ridiculous not to given that it took up so much of who I was as a person.

But it was a nightmare to deal with it and it was in such bad condition that I’m a little surprised that it didn’t just give up on me. It was bad. Getting it cut was a game changer, which I know I have said before (not all that long ago actually) but it forced a new lease of life into my hair and I fell back in love with it again. I actually liked it. I was no longer in fear of it and it no longer became something that I semi hid behind because it overtook everything else about me. I mean its still massive, but in the same way I have learned to embrace the fact that I am usually one of the tallest girls in any given room I have learned to embrace the fact that I have really fucking massive hair, and so even though it still takes up a large amount of space it doesn’t dwarf me. It’s just there.

Anyway, that was all very well and good until last week where my hair decided to turn on me. It was dry as hell. I slathered it in all the conditioning products I own and nothing was working with it. So I tied it up on Wednesday and then did nothing else to it until I washed it on Sunday. Which was kinda gross to be honest because there was a lot of sweating involved in that period of time and I knew it would be bad and I knew that the ultimate solution would be to just wash it and start again but the whole thing is such a process. And to be honest, I took the attitude of ‘why would I wash it if it’s just going to get sweaty again over the next couple of days?’ It meant that come Sunday my hair was crying out for some TLC and so I gave it some and then come yesterday morning when I was styling my hair the miraculous happened.

It felt good. And it looked good. And it didn’t feel drier than the dessert a few hours later once it was dry. It was back. And then when I realised that I had 7 minutes before I had to leave the house and my hair was not necessarily in the best condition in terms of styling and I had to dampen it, rake and scrunch product in I didn’t think it would end all that well because I have a history of needing to spend a good 15-20 minutes on my hair, but lo and behold it went fine. The curls were defined, my hair felt moisturised, it looked good.

I got my hair back.


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