Letters to Spring 20

Letters to Spring 20

Dear Spring,

I’ve most likely mentioned this before but I can’t remember and there are too many posts on here for me to even think about attempting to find out whether I actually have or not, but I bloody love me a train journey. I mean I always know this to be the case, but I’m currently being reminded on a daily basis because my parents and I have recently become weirdly obsessed with Michael Portillo and his travels around Europe and America via train.

Like proper obsessed.

Like we downloaded it so we could catch up kind of obsessed.

It really made me want to just go on an epic travelling spree by train only (well mostly) and just watch the world go by around me through the window at a fairly rapid pace.

I then watched a video on YouTube that involved a train journey up to Edinburgh and it made want to go up there purely so I could travel there by train.

I spend far too long on the Eurostar website and Trainline just looking at train journeys and how much they would cost and getting weirdly overjoyed at the length of time it would take to get to my destination. I used to LOVE going up to Liverpool and coming back down because of the length of the journey and going to Paris via train still blows my mind and I love it.

Some of the routes that Portillo was taking on the show just looked so beautiful and they took him to such gorgeous places and revealed parts of the world that I would never have even thought to visit. But you can get there by train and that’s so simple. And so fun. And doesn’t involve being a billion feet in the air with all that dodgy air pressure shit and the take off and the landing.

And it currently means that I really want to be Chicago…


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