Letters to Spring 23

Letters to Spring 23

Dear Spring,

Today has been a bit of an admin day. And by that I mean a body admin and a blog admin day. And then also I actually looked at that document of mine that houses my Camp Nano project, so that’s something. It’s been quite productive all round really.

Starting with the body admin because that is where my day started when I eventually rolled out of bed. I mean it’s the same as it always is on a Sunday. I washed and conditioned my hair and then slapped on a deep conditioning mask before I wrapped that up and continued with my shower. Which was then just exfoliating, shaving and actually washing before moisturising and then moving onto part two of the above.

The blog admin.

I came to the realisation the other day that I have neglected to update any of my pages on this blog since the beginning of the year. The thought of sitting down and getting them all up to date given that I post almost everyday and have done for nearly 4 months now was daunting. But I had leave my hair mask to do it’s thing and so I had time that I should really dedicate to taking on this task. And so I did.

Turns out it wasn’t so bad in the end. It took about 45 minutes and was actually quite simple because when a fair chunk of the posts that you have made can just be linked onto one post it all gets a bit easier (thank you my current fast reading ability). I’ve been a bit bad at maintaining certain elements of this blog which I really need to get better at and having to spend that length of time updating pages and stuff has inspired me to do so. Although that length of time did lead me quite nicely to the stage where I could detangle my hair with a comb and then rinse out my deep conditioner.

The second bit of blog admin was working on getting a bit of a back log of posts scheduled because I have also just remembered that April comes to an end next weekend and that means that I have to start posting other things again…the good news is that I have some ideas for the first couple of weeks of May and also I’m still reading so that’s helping.

I’ve basically been quite creative today and also tied up some loose ends and it’s reignited my passion for that area of my life again which is still a bit hit and miss. I’m rolling with it and getting this stuff down and also actually looking at that document has done wonders for me even though I don’t think I’m gonna make my target for the month with it.


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