Letters to Spring 24

Letters to Spring 24

Dear Spring,

Today I discovered that I can now touch the floor with my fingers and straight legs. I haven’t been able to do that for well over a decade when my legs decided that they were going to be longer than my body and I just had to sort of deal with it.

I mean it came at the end of an hour’s exercise when it came to the stretching part so I don’t know whether I could do it externally of that kind of situation, but the point is, I can do it now. It’s taken a year of exercise and a newfound love for stretching to get to that point but I also don’t care. Now I; aiming for to be able to go flat hands with straight legs.

Another thing I’ve done recently is start rewatching H20: Just Add Water. It came mainly from the fact that I couldn’t find something to watch after I went on a bit of an Iron Fist binge yesterday afternoon and needed something light and non intense but then I got super bored searching and this made an appearance and so I just went with it. And before I knew it I was 3 episodes in and it was time for bed.

And then tonight when I was settling into eat my dinner post exercise I found myself just clicking back onto it because it was easy and there was something nostalgic about it and it turned out that I needed that. Knowing me I will somehow end up watching the whole thing over the course of the next few weeks, but for now I’m just gonna roll with it.

I didn’t know up until the whole stretching revelation what this letter was going to be about, and I guess now we all know…


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