Letters to Spring 25

Letters to Spring 25

Dear Spring,

I’m craving the beach right now like never before. Or more specifically the ocean.

It has been too long since I last just got lost staring at blue-green water ebbing and flowing in a foam of white against deep yellow sand and apparently I miss it something terrible.

I think this is also just coinciding with the fact that I really need a holiday of some description. I have had a pocket of long weekends over the last 20 months and two Christmas’ but that is pretty much it. I’m notoriously bad at taken holiday. It’s a thing. I talked about actually going on a holiday in an abstract sense to a couple of people at work and they basically just said that they would be believe it when they see it (or don’t see me I guess).

The thing is I don’t have anywhere to go and so taking longer than like a day or two for holiday to just sit around and do what I did for that year that I was unemployed just doesn’t sound all that fun. It kind of feels like it’s a regression in some kind of way, which I’m very aware is kind of ridiculous because unlike then I actually have a job and I’m competent at it. I’m in a totally different headspace now then I was for that year, but the thoughts of it still hang quite heavily over me whenever I am sitting around in my house watching daytime quiz shows and just being idle. It’s not a place that I particularly going back to and so my holiday just sort of sits there being unused because for the most part.

But right now more than ever I am just really craving the ocean. And a beach. And a pool. And swimwear and the ability to actually wear some of my clothes in a warmer context.

And I should maybe stop looking at Instagram so often because that is just fuelling this desire right now and giving me a serious case of FOMO.

But seriously, can I be on a beach sipping at cocktails soon please (fully aware that I am the one who controls whether I do that or not…)


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