Letters to Spring 28

Letters to Spring 28

Dear Spring,

This is my 650th post. Which is ridiculous when you think about. Or at least it is to me, just because it means that I have stuck with something for an extensive period of time and I just tend to procrastinate my way out of doing things. But not this. Somehow this keeps going, even though there are definitely times when I have just thought that it might be better for my sanity (I am being hyperbolic here) if I just sort of slipped away quietly from here.

But I haven’t because I have to keep reminding myself that this blog is my creative outlet and even if I don’t venture into other creative ventures as often as I would like I am still maintaining this and I am still putting words onto a page (screen) every day and yeah sometimes they aren’t all that great and sometimes I don’t spend as much time as I would like and it’s a bit all over the place (and I really need to get better at proof reading and not days/weeks/months after the thing has been posted). But I do it. And there’s still a lot of procrastinating and a lot of blogger’s guilt but there I still do it.

Somehow I still do it, and I have done it almost every day for 18 months or something. And yeah I have been feeling kind of unmotivated recently but I’m still doing it because not doing it would make it worse I feel.

So this is my 650th post and today I drank some coffee, ate some food, caught up on some shows and started season 6 of Masterchef USA because there is a lack of cooking shows in my life (seriously, I only watch one and it’s coming to an end soon) and I love me a season of Masterchef (and also I needed a tonic to Big Little Lies, which the family also started this week to fill the Michael Portillo void and while I love it, it’s quite intense).


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