Letters to Spring 29

Letters to Spring 29

Dear Spring,

Fuck I ache right now. It’s a good kind of ache. It’s an ache that follows the burn of knowing that you are hitting the right muscles while you exercise. It’s an ache that you know come tomorrow is probably going to be much worse and is going to make sitting down and laughing very difficult and slightly painful. It’s an ache that I’ve recently kind of become very used to and on some level might even…like? (I spent a whole day at Be:Fit London today, which even a year ago when I started this thing I never would have even considered doing.)

I mean it’s something that I keep doing and I also work through the ache when come Thursday my glutes feel like dead weight but they still manage to surprise even me. I even so far as to do two 40 minute cardio workouts (the second one I did, Girl Gains, had a banging playlist which when you’re dipping into yet another squat or side plank is really what you need to be honest, give me all the Destiny’s Child songs to work out to please) within the space of an hour that worked pretty much all the same muscle groups and a part of my brain was like ‘you’re being fucking mental’ but then the rest of me was like ‘no this is fine you can do this, your body is stronger than your mind, it will burn but it will be fine’.

And it did burn and it was borderline awful (not in a legit way, just in a this has got to have been longer than 40 seconds why are you still counting down from 20 kind of way)  but it was also kind of invigorating and made me feel powerful and strong. In fact the last couple of workouts that I’ve done this week I’ve noticed that I’m stronger. I can hold a plank better and achieve variations of it with greater ease, there’s way less hip movement involved. I can get into stretches a bit deeper and can touch the floor with straight legs!

I’ve also got a taste for Barry’s Bootcamp today and it was hell (seriously it burned my core in a serious kind of way) but it was also only a condensed version of a class and now I wanna know what the whole thing would feel like…I used to work near one and would see people at lunchtime leaving covered in sweat and clutching protein shakes and I’ve heard things about them and I can understand them, but I also wanna know…this is the kind of person that I am right now.

I’m also slowly making changes to my diet still so it’s not a total shock to the system (not that I’m ever going to do something totally drastic with it or anything), but for now I’m eating pizza and salted caramel ice cream and I’m not going to move from my sofa tomorrow and then I’m gonna feel the burn all over again on (bank holiday) Monday with barre…


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