Letters to Spring 3

Letters to Spring 3

Dear Spring,

Getting a hair cut really changed the game for me recently. On some level I always knew that it would, but there was a part of me that was so attached to the fact that I finally achieved the long hair that a part of me had always wanted that I was very reluctant to let it go.

I mean in the end I didn’t even have all that much cut off. It just looks that way, because funnily enough when you get rid of all the very, very, very dead and dry hair that was weighing it down and making it look long, the curls that coil out of my roots sprung back up with a new lease of life.  It was 4, maybe 5 inches max, but yeah…it totally changed the game.

It meant that I started giving a shit about my hair again. Like properly giving a shit, none the half assed bullshit that I was doing for month before I got it chopped off (that phrase makes things sound so much more dramatic then it actually was). I’ve actually started looking after my hair. And investing in it to try and keep it healthy.

This was made very apparent to me yesterday when in total I kind of spent around 3 and a half hours on my hair. It was 20 minutes of washing, conditioning and then finger detangling. Then I slapped a deep treatment on and wrapped that up in a bun stuck a clip in it and carried on with my shower. Then I went down to town to pick up some things, including an actual leave in conditioner, and then I detangled with an actual comb (which took almost as long as it used to, which is weird because there is significantly less hair involved these days) rinsed the deep treatment out and then raked that recently purchased leave in conditioner through my hair and it was finally done.

And my hair is super soft right now and also non-frizzy which is a bit of a rarity. It’s also still tied up because it doesn’t need to look super fancy when I am just sitting on my sofa catching up on Saturday Night Takeaway…and yes trying to get some words down onto paper, I know I promised myself I would look at it in some capacity and sometimes I keep my promises to myself. It also means that I’ve set myself up with a good base for the rest of the week and hair wise I have my shit together.

Because that is what Sundays are for now, I mean I usually always washed and conditioned my hair on Sundays, but now I have upped the ante with it and added so many more steps to the process. And it’s so worth it.

It’s nice to actually love your hair and not just fake loving it, which I’ve learned is what I’ve been doing for most of the 24 years I’ve been around.


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