Letters to Spring 9

Letters to Spring 9

Dear Spring,

Apparently there is something about the sun/warm weather that is inspiring me right now. I have not been this inspired for a while, which has been annoying to say the least. But it currently seems to be back. I’ve written around 2,000 words in the past few days and I’m trying not to beat myself up about the fact that I have definitely done more in less days before and focus on the fact that I have actually done something more than write a blog post (for which most of them are book reviews).

Its words that I actually almost kind of like and am maybe a little but proud of. Its words that are actually moving me forward with this idea that I have. Its words that I’m also not super attached to because I know somewhere deep down that they make up a first draft and that ultimately I can’t stay too attached to them. Its words and that is more than I have done in weeks, maybe even months.

I feel like if I was to truly think about it and analyse this whole situation that there is some psychological reason for it, I don’t know. I do know that if this kind of thing happened in a piece of literature that I could get super in-depth with the analysis and pull from the source to back it all up. Something to do with new beginnings and being re-engerised by the sun and finding a new lease of life along with everything else blooming and blah, blah, blah. It could become a whole huge analytical thing. I do know that it’s a tad weird because I’ve always joked that winter kind of fuels me because it was the season in which I was born in the depths of, but every year when you come around Spring I seem to find a new lease in creativity.

I think it’s rather telling that every time I have attempted Camp NaNo I’ve completed it, I’m 3 for 3 there but it when it comes to actual NaNo I’ve completed it half the amount of times that I have attempted it. It probably actually isn’t, but right now, while my creativity is buzzing in April, it kind of seems like it is.


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