Letters to Spring – The Prelude

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So this is a slightly different post to the ones that usually are posted on a Friday this year, although I say that like I’ve posted the last two Fridays at all.

Now for the past two years I have done Letters to Autumn, which is the season in which I slip back into my element but this year I’ve found myself weirdly craving slightly warmer climates. Which makes no sense because I am the kind of person who also complains about getting a sweat on and hates it when the air feels so close to her that it is suffocating and just gross. But for some reason, maybe it’s because this winter has just gone on for so long, these past few days where there have been glimpses of warmer times on the horizon I’ve found myself almost looking forward to them (last night I even shed a layer while I was walking around and it wasn’t even unpleasant, it was great. I’m thinking about getting rid of the scarf completely…).

And so even though it is not really my season, I’ve decided that in the same way I dedicate the whole of October to Autumn that I’m going to dedicate all of April to Spring. This is also happening partly because I am running low on ideas again and I’m trying not to burn out again. And also, by doing this I am also going to try and kickstart some kind of creativity, which I really need for the next 30 days.

And that’s the month of April. Which starts tomorrow. And is also April Fools Day.

And my brother’s 21st…

And the start of writing letters to a season that I have rocky relationship with at best.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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