Letters to Spring 2

Letters to Spring 2

Dear Spring,

So the fact that I am on day 2 with this project seems to be a good sign, however this is a two project month for me and project number 1 (or 2 depending on how you want to number it, I am numbering it in the order in which I decided I was going to embark on them, so it’s 1 for me) is already taking a hit.

A small one at the moment given that it is only day 2 and I was busy for most of yesterday and these are easier to blast out quickly in one sitting so the fact that I am keeping up with this (like it’s been soooo long) isn’t really an indicator of anything. What is an indicator of something though is that it was nearly 10pm when I remembered that project 1 had technically started today and I haven’t done anything related to it. I haven’t even thought about it. I clicked onto the website just after that realisation and discovered that I hadn’t even set a word count for the month.

And then I was left with a pocket of time last night which would have been the perfect time to get some planning done, I didn’t. I fell into a small YouTube black hole, I took my make up off, I scrolled through Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, I did a lot of mainly useless things but I didn’t reach behind me and pick up the notebook that houses some of this idea.

I was reminded yet again that currently I am in some kind of rut and even though I have intentions to do something about this month, inspiration won’t magically hit me at the stroke of midnight as we move into a new month. It hasn’t struck me. Not even close to it. In fact I am so used to just not feeling all that creative that I think I would be a bit confused if it did happen like that.

I just need to remember that I currently need to make a conscious effort to sit down and actually try to get some ideas onto paper. Which is what I am going to try and spend today doing. I have some reading I want to do, I might pop out and run a couple of errands, and I am going to open that notebook and put pen to paper. And if that fails, then I’m going to type up what I already have and see if that kickstarts something.

But I’m going to try. I have to try or project 1 will never get off the ground. And I want it to.


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