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Little Things

The way that their nose scrunches ever so slightly before they laugh at a joke that they didn’t like just to be polite.

The way that when they completely and utterly lose it in laughter their eyes crinkle shut and when they open them again they glisten with tears of sheer joy.

The way you always watch them put on sugar in their coffee and take a sip before they try to sneakily add another. Sighing in contentment when they take that second sip and it’s just right.

The way they always look surprised when you hand them a coffee you made for them that’s surprise.

The way they bite the side of their finger when they’re thinking. Or pinch their lower lip between their thumb and forefinger when they are concentrating.

The way it takes mere seconds for them to peel off their skinny jeans into pyjama bottoms, because while they love their jeans they aren’t strictly necessary in the walls of your home.

The way they refuse to utter a sentence when they are woken by an alarm until after they have had a scalding hot shower.

The way they always remember to buy milk even though they largely don’t touch the stuff because if you can’t have your milky tea of an evening time you sulk a little bit.

The fact that one Sunday afternoon while you were at your parents’ house for lunch they decided to alphabetise the bookcase just because. When you got back they were surrounded by books and sat crossed leg on the floor clutching a mug of hot chocolate with their glasses perched low on their nose.

The fact that they never use the same shower gel twice because all the unknown scents and varieties available to them ‘stresses them out’.

The fact that at this point they can’t tell what t-shirts are actually yours because they wear them so much. You can always tell though.

The fact that when they are feeling particularly homesick they cook the same dinner subconsciously and it’s always perfect

The fact that they always get bored halfway through changing the bed-sheets and just lie face down in the middle of the unmade bed for a little bit while they muster up the strength again.

The way they hook their little finger through your ring and pinkie fingers when you’re both in a crowd and they don’t let go until you’re back in some kind of familiar territory.

The way they double tap the steering wheel with their forefinger before turning the key in the ignition.

The way they always think they have lost their glasses, when in actual act they are dangerously perched on top of their head.

The fact that, even in the early days, you could just sit in a room with them doing nothing and it was fine. Perfect even.

The way that just a simple, yet usually random, text from them at any point in the day causes a smile to break out on your face regardless of where you are.

Those are the ways you fell in love.

Not through the big grand gestures and the constant declarations of feelings. But through the little things.

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