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If you’re talking inspiration I am pretty sure most people expect you to reel off some people that you’ve never met  but hold something akin to ‘power’ or more accurately ‘celebrity’ or to pick one of my parents or some other member of my family. But I wouldn’t say that. I might have done before, probably just picked my dad on autopilot or something, but I don’t think I could physically do that anymore.

Because over the past 10 years it’s you that is the person who inspires me most. I don’t why I was even thinking about this the other day, but for some reason I was. Maybe it’s because Max was talking about it because his entire perspective on everything is slowly shifting as he prepares for fatherhood and he just wants to do good and all that. Be an inspiration and all that jazz and then I started thinking about it and it led to me here.

And before you roll your eyes at me that’s not to say that possible or that it’s stupid, calm down. There are others and you know the ocean is pretty good at doing the inspiring thing too, but still. I live with you, so all that creative energy that you radiate about 95% of the time has a way of affecting me. It’s almost like it is infectious.

Or maybe it’s because everywhere I look I am just hit by some random thought you’ve had and left a reminder of for yourself. Do you ever even go back to those post it notes? Because I have read everything you have ever written and unless you just make everything super subtle so it’s not picked up on I have never once encountered an idea or a phrase that I have seen in various locations of our house on the page.

Or maybe it’s because when I walk into your office I am hit by an onslaught of shelves that are just filled with your books. All 11 of them. How you have churned out that many books in less than 10 years is beyond me. Like honestly totally beyond me. I’ve seen the length of some of those books. I’ve heard how many words you’ve written for each book. I don’t know where you get them all from (and yes I know they are all from your brain, but you know what I actually mean so stop). I don’t know how you seem to continually be able to come up with fresh ideas and actually make them do what you want them to do and not at any point seem to hate what you do. And that’s not to say that I hate what I do, but I mean I took a break. Am taking a break. Am exploring new things. Any time you seem to take anything close to a break that lasts longer than 3 days you end up going on this tangent that is very much not a break.

You remain in love with it and that baffles me. Not in a bad way. In a how do you continue to remain inspired to do something that creative and play in that many worlds kind of way? Which is arguably an incredibly annoying question to even entertain but also seems like the most concise way to ask the thing that I am thinking, but also it doesn’t really cover it. Words are definitely way more your thing, and don’t try and tell me that what I am good with them as well because I can write a song and you can create worlds that I wished I lived in and to me one is slightly more impressive than the other. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one.

There’s not necessarily any point to me bringing to your attention that you’re kind of an inspiration to me. It’s just something that is on my mind right now. How you help make me a better song writer and help me actually figure out how to make words do what I want. How you can so clearly visualise what you are trying to get across and then make it come alive on the page. How you can write across three different genres and just switch between them in a matter of minutes. Et cetera, et cetera. I’m gonna stop now because I can hear your voice in my head telling me to shut up and I can see you rolling your eyes.

Just one last thing…what are you doing about all the post-its?


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