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Yo, welcome to a new month. Whaaatt??? Not gonna lie I definitely felt the January blues last week, I guess that’s what happens when you no longer have a birthday sustaining you. But we are in a new month that comes with a bonus day. Yay!

Ya know how on Thursday I went a bit weird, well today’s post is in the same vein. In that I had all these random ideas at the same time and thought they were INCREDIBLE, they probably aren’t, but they are currently all I have so I’m going with it.

I am honestly gonna carry on with the first world problems thing and talk about the struggles (I use that word sooooooo loosely) of lunch. I swear I am gonna get my mojo back soon, you my lovely (and patient) readers are witnessing my shaking off the cobwebs/working through the shit.

Now, I am super disorganised and just generally terrible at forward planning when it comes to that meal that apparently you are supposed to eat in the middle of the day (the disorganised thing also links to the fact that I use the time that I wander off to go get lunch as a way to get some much needed fresh air in the middle of the day). Mainly because I literally never know what I want when it comes to lunch. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every day and I basically cook the same 5 meals for dinner every night because it’s easy. But I know that if I went down the route of eating the same thing for lunch every day I would lose my damn mind.

I don’t know why I feel like that, but I kind of do. I also have a complicated relationship with all things that could be deemed a lunch food and I get bored really easy. Like really easy. At uni I kind of got away with not eating lunch because if I wasn’t actually in lectures/tutorials then my first meal technically classified as breakfast and then I just had to deal with dinner. It was easy.

It’s not easy anymore.

Every day at around 11:30 (I think about food almost always) I start thinking about what I want for lunch and all the possibilities are almost overwhelming and my brain shuts down. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have left the office and just walked in one direction and then see where I eventually end up. I tend to end up in one of two places just because I am bound to find something. But then I still fall into this weird trap of getting half way through eating whatever I’ve picked up that I kind of wish that I had gotten something else. Usually something fried, which is weird because it’s not like that is something that I eat all the time (or have eaten all that recently), but sometimes I just feel like I could do with a bucket of KFC.

And then no matter how much I eat at lunch I am hungry again like 2 hours later. Like I legit feel like I could eat my own body weight in food at like 3pm every day. With great ease. Or get me some fried chicken. I usually end up eating some M&Ms or crunching my way through some crisps which just about gets me to dinner.

Is there a knack to it? Because I try eating salads and then I started fantasising about McDonalds (which I don’t even really eat anymore) and then I eat sandwiches and remember that that is like a goldmine and I cannot exist solely on chicken and bacon sandwiches because that is a terrible idea. A truly terrible idea. Sometimes I kind of want to bin it off altogether because the idea of having too much choice is too much, but I know that is a no go, especially seeing as sometimes I forget to eat breakfast until like 11 and by that point it is too late because the nightmare that is lunch is a-coming.

Is there a point to this post? No, not really. But food is hard to deal with, there is too much available to me and I want to eat it all. Ideally eating would be all I do (very Man vs Food-esque). This is gonna post around about the time that I am gonna be in this cycle of wondering where I am gonna stroll to for food and I am still gonna think this post is totally ridiculous but I think the cobwebs are gone, or at least rapidly shedding so we are gonna be good again soon. I am gonna be better at this whole blog thing soon.

But, while I am talking about it, do any of you have a go to lunch? I am 100% open to ideas?

Parentheses count: 7. See you tomorrow!

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