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Welcome to December…

I thought I would kick off the month with another little chat about the products from Lush that I bought waaayyyyy back in October. Again the reason for that is because I wanted to form an actual opinion on the products and all that jazz.

First of all I rebought a larger tub of R&B Hair Moisturiser because that product is my new holy grail for my hair now and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Onto the new stuff.

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Don’t Look At Me Fresh face mask – This was my first fresh face mask from Lush and I spent a lot of time looking at all the different ones and the main reason that I was drawn to it was because of the bright blue colour it possesses. I don’t think any picture I could ever take of it would truly do justice to just how blue it was. As usual I used this after I had finally had a shower on a Sunday (they are the ultimate me day, I laze around in my pjs for as long as I can take and don’t usually leave the house) and I loved the smell of it.Orange blossom, but not too overpowering and also fairly unexpected when looking at the colour of it (I don’t know what I expect luminous blue products to smell like, but it wasn’t citrus). As I applied it I could feel it was exfoliating my skin already and it went on so easy. Because it is one of those masks that you have to keep in the fridge it was also really cooling when I applied it which was pleasant and refreshing for my Sunday…afternoons…When I washed it off it left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and soft which is all I could ever ask from a face mask.

Obviously because it was a fresh face mask it had an earlier expiry date then some of the other face masks, but I found that even though I only used this once a week for 5 (or 6, can’t quite remember) weeks I didn’t have all that much left over in the pot which means that there was minimal wastage. Bonus.

I might try out some other fresh face masks before I go back to this one, but I would definitely use it again, if only for the wonderful shocking blue that greets you when you open the pot.

Latte Lip Tint – As you could probably tell from the picture I was on a bit of coffee thing (what’s new?) when I flurried around the Oxford Street store (which btw I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area). So I picked this up when I was there as well.

And I have to say that I am tad disappointed with it. Now I can read I know it say ‘lip tint’, but I have used lip tints before and they have been more moisturising than this one. Sometimes it feels a bit gritty when I put it on and dries out a lot quicker than I would like it to. It also means that I have to carry around an additional lip balm with me and then apply this almost like it’s a lipstick.

Couple of things that I really like about it is one the subtle smell of coffee that comes with opening it every time (which I guess is to be expected given the name) and also the colour. It’s a really subtle nude shade that looks great when it’s on and depending on how much lip balm I applied before hand and whether or not I decide to eat or drink soon after application (I am always applying lip balm this happens more often than not) it stays put for a while (again in the same way a lipstick would).

So I probably wouldn’t buy this again and just carry on with my search to find the lip balm for me (seriously the amount of trial and error this is taking is almost impressive, does anyone have any recommendations for a good one that I can try?)

Cup o’ Coffee face mask – This is my hit of caffeine on a Sunday (because I cannot drink the stuff 7 days a week, I need to have some semblance of control over the stuff…) and boy does it pack a punch. From the second I opened it for the first time I could tell I was going to like it, purely because it surrounded me in my favourite scent in the world.

It’s a little messier than other face masks that I have used, and I was rinsing coffee granules out of the sink for a couple of minutes after I had washed it off but that is a small drawback to what is otherwise a successful product.

From the moment you start applying it you can feel it exfoliating the skin and then you get to just leave it on to do its thing for 15 minutes (as one does with a face mask). Like I said, washing it off is a bit messy but as you do so you can tell that it is doing a decent job of removing all the grossness on your face and it leaves skin feeling super soft and silky. Aannnnddddd smelling a little bit like coffee, which I honestly don’t view as all that bad a thing, but if you don’t like coffee I might avoid this one.

It’s a good sized pot as well and it doesn’t take much per mask so it should last a good while and prove to me value for money which is a great bonus (plus as it isn’t fresh it lasts longer). This little bad boy should last me well into the new year.

And then I get to try another one on for size…

And that’s my second little Lush Chat done for now. I quite enjoy these to be honest, it gives me a chance to just put what I was thinking about them in my head into actual words. And I do love writing words down. Anywho, parentheses count: 10. See you tomorrow!

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