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It’s Thursday and therefore my favourite day of the week…fun fact I don’t hate Thursdays as much as I used to. I mean they do still fake me out and have me believe that they are Friday but I mean they aren’t as terrible at the moment as they used to be.

Anyway, today is the second (ish) part of my Lush review (here is the first) because I there were some things left out of the last one and then I got some new stuff that I can throw into the mix, which is what I shall do.

Respect Your Elders/Old Father Time Soaps – I got these two in both of the gift sets that I acquired over Christmas and I am being super slow when it comes to using these because I find that they take too much work to use. First of all they can get slippery as hell which is inconvenient as hell when you’re bleary eyed and working to a tight time schedule just to get out of the door and catch your train. Secondly they don’t lather as much as I would like them to. I am aware that lather isn’t necessary to get clean, but it’s nice ya know? It’s nice to be given the illusion of cleanliness as you wash away. Respect Your Elders smells really nice, although I can see why it would be a bit overwhelming as a scent. I love it. Old Father Time also smells quite nice and is a more muted scent then when compared to other one. So the smell has it going for them. The time it takes to use them each them each time has it going against them. I personally don’t think I would buy them, but maybe I will get a second wind with them as I work on using them up.

Love and Light Hand Cream – As I mentioned the other day in My Little Box Feb review I am one of those people who needs hand cream everywhere now and this is the one that I use at home. It smells nice, a bit musky which I quite like. It is however a nightmare getting the proportion right for how much is needed. Too little and your hands don’t feel moisturised enough and too much and your hands are greasy as hell and leaves a residue on everything that you touch, which isn’t all that great. So yeah, fine line. Makes it all seem a bit like a game. Probably won’t repurchase, or maybe I will because I am bound to figure the balance out soon and there is a lot in a tub so it’s gonna last me a while.

Lush Chat 4, Prince of Darkness, Herbalism, Mint Julips
Lush Chat 4, Prince of Darkness, Herbalism, Mint Julips

Prince of Darkness – Given how many Lush products is appears that I use it means that I was due a free fresh face mask for returning 5 of the used pots and that is what I did. And this is what I got for that. I was mainly drawn to it (and drawn away from another one, which one I cannot remember, but I know I nearly picked something up and then walked away) because of the colour. It’s black, that’s the charcoal in it I know, but I was drawn to it because of that. When applied it becomes this gorgeous slivery blue/colour and I fell in love with it even more. It also smells great too which was a bonus because it was all around my nostrils for 15 minutes every week. It was really exfoliating and left my skin feeling so soft and while the sink looked a right mess after I had washed it off my face looked fantastic. If I could I would definitely get it again, but I am trying a new one as per my current face mask trend.

Herbalism – This was something of an impulse buy when I was up in Oxford Street and in the Lush shop. I am currently looking at anything that is not my current cleanser to see if I can combat this whole suddenly shiny T zone issue that I am experiencing right now. I mean my current cleanser is fine, but I could probably find a better one. I’ve only used this a couple of times but it seems to be quite good. It was gentle and left my skin feeling soft and a bit more matte looking than usual. Couple of drawbacks, not a huge fan of the smell. It smells a bit grassy (which yeah, the name of the product should have given that away, but alas I was not fully prepared) and not in the good freshly cut grass kind of way. And also it was a bit messy. You have to make it into a paste, which is fine, but did mean that I got a lot of green in the sink and also means that it’s a tad time consuming. Not quite as efficient as my one swipe and cleanse micellar water that I am used to and again, not helpful when I am pretty much fighting against time to get out the door enough as it is. Probably wouldn’t repurchase, but it is doing a great job for now.

Mint Julips – Again an impulse buy (this is what happens when you are surrounded by products and have just been paid…) but I love mint anything. And the weather has pretty much just dried out everything that could possibly dry out, lips included. So I’ve started exfoliating them (which is also proving great when it comes to applying lipstick) a couple of times a week. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It leaves my lips feeling supple and when I slick on a lip balm following using this product they feel great. Plus it smells fantastic and that is always a good thing. I mean I really do not need to buy this again and unless I am the victim of another impulse buy it will probably be a while before I buy it again (so let’s be real, I am totally repurchasing).

And that’s it for this one. Hope you enjoyed it and please do let me know if you have any Lush recommendations, I am always down to hear about them and maybe give them a try!

Parentheses count: 6. See on Saturday!

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