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Last full week of June, that’s a bit weird innit (seriously, where the fuck has this year gone, did it not just start?)?

The title pretty much says it all I feel. I’m talking all things Lush again because I may or may not have a problem. But ho hey.

Lush Chat 6, American Cream, Rehab, Sea Spray, Cosmetic Warrior, Rosy Cheeks, Dark Angels
Lush Chat 6, American Cream, Rehab, Sea Spray, Cosmetic Warrior, Rosy Cheeks, Dark Angels

At some point in May I made the journey to Oxford Street to have a wander around the Lush store and go and get my free fresh mask for bringing back 5 empty pots (this is now my second free one, and I have enough pots to get another one soon. So probably a problem).

I went with Cosmetic Warrior mainly because when I went to the store my skin had decided that spots where going to be the primary feature of my face (they are still deciding that to be honest and it’s been weeks, when will it stop??!! Minor issue I know) and this states somewhere that it is good for breakouts because of…fresh garlic. Which kind of put me off to be honest. I mean there are other soothing and good for break out ingredients in there but once you see garlic that’s kind of it I think. I’m still not actually sure why I still picked it over others, maybe I just didn’t want to judge a face mask by its garlic, maybe it was because ultimately it was free. All I know is that I went home with it and didn’t really like it…

Which I know is my fault. I was wary about it going in but was in a somewhat desperate need to try and clear my skin up. It was soothing and it dealt with the oily skin issue that has also decided to start plaguing my skin but it really smelled of garlic and didn’t help with the breakouts. Also this mask solidified in a big way after two uses and so became really difficult to apply. Plus a part of me became slightly paranoid that the smell of garlic was following me and sweating out of my pores while I was doing yoga. So yeah, not a fan of this mask.

I picked up another tub of Rub Rub Rub as a last minute I’m standing in the queue for ages and it’s right there impulse kind of way because it has been very good to me and my skin and in theory it’s summer and exfoliation is my legs best friend.

On this trip I also picked up this Sea Spray because if there is one thing my hair needs more of its texture and potential volume. In all seriousness I am really enjoying using this product. It makes my curls slightly more defined and bouncier. It does add volume but not so much that I’m like woah this is getting out of hand. It also smells incredible and is most likely the closest I am getting to being reminded of the ocean for the near future. That was my Oxford Street trip.

Then a couple of weeks ago I went on another little online Lush haul (these things always coincide with pay day).  And came up with these.

Rehab and American Cream. Now I swear by Aussie haircare, have done for years, but having said that the smell of bubblegum has started to wear on me and I figured I would shake it up a little. I wash my hair properly once a week at the weekend because it takes too long to do it in the morning during the week (and then I wash it after I go swimming once a week but that’s just to get the chlorine out, and happens at 7 in the evening when I don’t have a train to catch). I spent more time than I would care to admit going through all the options available to me and eventually settled on these two.

Rehab is a little thinner in consistency than I expected it to be and that worried me slightly because I feared that it would require a lot of product for my hair to feel even remotely clean. But, thankfully, I was wrong. It lathered up really well and I really liked the scent as well. Very non-bubblegummy which is very useful for me. It also didn’t require that much product which also surprised me because with hair as long and thick as mine it sometimes takes a lot to make anything feel even close to clean.

American Cream is a little delight. I bought this mainly because I watched this video and I thought it would be worth a shot. It smells fantastic, which I was dubious about because the words ‘strawberries and cream’ seems to conjure up images of sickly sweet scents. This one is muted and long lasting and smells great. It sticks around after I’ve rinsed it out and I very much enjoy that. It also makes my hair look great afterwards, the consistency is nice and thick and because I always use more conditioner than shampoo I use this as it says on the tub ‘plentifully’ but even then because it’s so thick it still doesn’t require as much product as I have experienced in the past. But I am thoroughly enjoying using this product right now and am slightly reluctant to return to all the Aussie stuff that I have stockpiled in a cupboard.

The final two things I purchased were face care related because, yeah still an issue. The first is Rosy Cheeks which to be honest was the face mask that I should  have picked instead of Cosmetic Warrior. This is maybe my second favourite face mask that I’ve used since I became marginally obsessed with the things. It’s clay based so it does wonders for the whole oily T-zone thing I have going on and it is really soothing on my skin, which is great. Plus the scent is gorgeous and not as overpowering as I feared it might be and it hasn’t gone annoyingly hard like a couple of the ones that I’ve used before in the fridge.

The second was Dark Angel, as I mentioned in this post I loved Prince of Darkness  mainly for the charcoal elements of it. It felt like it really worked and did good things for my skin and well this is pretty similar but a bit more exfoliating. I currently use it twice a week in the evening and I’m really liking it so far. I mean it’s messy as hell and my sink looks a bit worse for wear after I’ve washed it off but it’s a small price to pay for my skin feeling squeaky clean. Charcoal based products are slowly become a definite must for me, they are proving very beneficial for my skin. I have a lot of love for this product.

And that’s my latest Lush haul. Or more accurately they are two different hauls all bundled into one…

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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