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I break up the book talk for one day only (for the time being) to bring you some Lush chat, because I have acquired quite the haul since my last one of these.

First of all, the repurchases. R&B hair moisturiser because it is a gift to my hair and made it mostly manageable during the summer mugginess that enveloped London (and probably most of the country actually) . Rub, Rub, Rub because it smells so good and is still my fave thing ever and even though we are reaching colder months where the legs will hardly be on show at all, there is something incredibly satisfying about coming back from a spin class all sweaty and mildly uncomfortable and sloughing it all away with this delightful blue stuff. American Cream because my hair no longer accepts anything else and one of my more recent repurchases, Don’t Look At Me because I needed a face mask and this was the last one available of this, my second favourite face mask, when I went into the Liverpool Street Lush. Opening the pot of this for the first time was like welcoming an old friend, as sad as that may sound.

Onto the new stuff now.

Now my skin has recently decided that it hated me or something and just became really oily and super spotty in a way that I haven’t experienced in years because I am no longer a teenager and I was under the impression that puberty was a huge factor for these kind of issues because school lied to me (I mean, I am fully aware that spots don’t miraculously stop after 18, but my skin is bad these days) so I have spent a lot of time (and a fair amount of money) trying to get some sort of balance back into my skin. I tried Clinque, that failed. I tried Liz Earle, which I thought was aiding the situation but then after about a month it got worse again and then I remembered that Lush exists and I love most things I get from there so maybe it was time to give it a shot.

My new 3 skincare saviours are:

Ultrabland – I spent a lot of time umming and ahhing about whether to go with this or 9 to 5. I think this was got the better reviews on a whole in the end so I went with. I was skeptical at first because it’s sort of oil based and oily skin has been one of my main problems these days, but there were reviews that said they were in the same boat and that it didn’t case them any further issues. And that’s true. It takes a bit of getting used to effectively rubbing some kind of oil on your face and watching it get shinier and shinier, which is the exact issue that you were trying to avoid in the first place, when you are super used to either cream based cleansers or micellar water (which I used for bloody years and am still sad just seemed to stop working on my skin). But it gets the job done for the most part. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and there is something quite satisfying about wiping away the dirt of the city and seeing it in all its slightly gross glory on the cotton wool at the end of the day. It smells good too, which is maybe not the most important thing but is also super important. The first tub I bought (because I have just repurchased it) lasted over a month which I thought was pretty good given that I use it twice a day. It also says on the tub that if your skin is particularly problematic then use this only for a month, which I have done and for the most part my skin is better. I mean as I am writing this (in a Starbucks in Doncaster train station killing time at the beginning of October…) my skin is experiencing a break out but that is mainly because I’m getting ill, have been slightly stressed and am at the stage in my cycle so that’s not too unusual.

Eau Roma Water – Most of the reviews that I read about Ultrabland commented on the fact that pairing it with this toner helped them massively. And I can see why. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and so much cleaner. The smell is really subtle as well which I was concerned about as it has quite typically strong scents in it. A few spritzes of this on a cotton pad and a swipe across my face makes all the difference. The pairing is a match made in heaven and my skin thanks them.

Enzymion – I spent a lot of time pondering over what moisturiser to get because I find that they can make or break a skin care routine. I needed one that would help combat oil and shine and also felt like it was actually moisturising my skin without feeling too thick and generally kind of gross. I read a lot of reviews about all the ones that were available and also have some knowledge of the ones that I knew really wouldn’t work because they haven’t in the past and eventually I decided on this one because it seemed to have generally favourable reviews (I have honestly never spent so much time reading about other people’s opinions on products before, I generally like to just go in blind and figure it out for myself) and was fairly reasonably priced when compared to the price of some moisturisers that I have used in the past. The consistency is just right for my skin, it is fairly lightweight and very nourishing and does actually have some mattifying properties as I have noticed for the most part that my skin is slightly less oily and stays that way for the majority of the day. The trio of products has made a difference in the state of my skin and so far I am happy with the way that things are going.

And now we move away from my new face skin care routine (kind of…the daily skincare part at least) onto the other bits and pieces I have acquired over the months.

Ayesha – Okay the first face mask of the bunch. As you probably know over the course of the past year I have been slowly making my way through all the fresh face masks that Lush has available and I have now reached the point where I think I have made my way through them all (there might be seasonal ones that I haven’t tried, but I’m sure I’ll get there). This made up one of the last few left to try and I am not gonna lie I kind of hated it. It was really cake and thick and lumpy and didn’t spread over my face all that easily. It as a nightmare to remove and it cracked within about 30 seconds of drying on my face. It was a really unappealing colour and the smell wasn’t all that great. I mean it did kind of leave my skin feeling softer and slightly more deeply cleansed than my regular cleanser, but it wasn’t such a noticeable difference that it made up for all the issues that existed with it’s application and removal. Also it wasn’t all that exfoliating which I like in my weekly deep cleansing face masks.

Catastrophe Cosmetic – Again I am not a huge fan of this mask. It was better than Ayesha I will give it that, but it still wasn’t all the great for me. Again, it cracked really easily once it was one my face in a  big way and I basically could not move a muscle of my face once I had applied unless I wanted remnants of face mask all over my sofa and myself. This also made it really hard to take off, a fact that was made worse because this mask never seemed to properly come off. Like I would get rid of all the cakey annoying bits and then there would be this thin residual layer of clay still on my face that just would not wash off. I could get a bit of it off with some toner water, but otherwise it stayed there and meant that my skin didn’t necessarily feel all that clean at the end of it. It was easier to apply than Ayesha I will give it that, it didn’t become rock solid in the tub and get to the stage where it felt like I needed a heavy duty shovel to get enough to go on my face. The scent of it was quite pleasant as well, if you like the smell of blueberries you would probably like this. I mean sometimes it did also really make me want a blueberry muffin, but that’s whatever I almost always want of them. I would not buy this again, but it also isn’t the worst one I have used.

I Love Juicy – I am apparently in a changeable mood when it comes to shampoo, mainly because that is rarely my priority when it comes to hair care. My hair needs more moisture than most people can imagine so I focus way more on the things that hydrate it than I do shampoo. So I can afford to play around with it and while I loved Rehab a whole bunch because it felt like the perfect tonic to the sweet smelling American Cream I impulsively changed it up while I was on the website to this. It’s slightly citrusy which is alien to me when it comes to my shampoos and that has been pleasant when I open it up and squeeze some into my hands. The way that it lathers is a bit hit and miss, but that is something that bothers me all that much, it lathers eventually and gets the job done.

Coal Face Soap – I have had a love affair with charcoal based products brewing for a while now and I finally finished my pot of Dark Angels and so was on the look out for a new one to use a couple of times a week to just give my skin a nice little bit of exfoliation.  Now, I am not going to lie, I have only used this once because I have sort of fallen off the ball with semi regular exfoliation because sometimes (all the time) I am lazy and Ultrabland is quick and easy. It’s a tad difficult to use because I have a massive piece of this in possession and trying to break pieces off seems like something that I am not willing to take on right now. It’s a bit difficult to lather as a consequence and I obviously still need to learn the knack with it. The smell isn’t all the overpowering which I am glad about because the reviews I read said it was very liqourice like and I hate that stuff and the way it smells and I didn’t really want that all up in my face. But it’s not, so that’s good. I am gonna give it another whirl this week because my skin needs it as it’s not at it’s best. 

And that’s it. This very lengthy Lush Chat has now come to a close. I’m actually probably heading to a Lush store this weekend because I am due a free face mask and you can’t pass up free stuff…?

Parentheses count: 11. See you tomorrow!

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