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The 2016 Reading Challenge has finally been wrapped up which means that I am now full on focused on this year’s one, for which I have already made a ‘sizeable’ dent in (how sizeable can it be really when the current number is 51?) and so yeah, as I have mentioned a few times before over the last week or so I am going to have to do a slight catch up of all the books that I have read so far.

I am gonna break it up a bit though for the next few days and we start today with a little Lush chat. The repurchases include, Ultrabland, Eau Roma Water, Enzymion, Rub, Rub, Rub, Cupcake and Celestial. All face skincare products (bar one) and all things that have helped my skin massively, they work and so therefore they must stay for the time being. So, here are the new things that I have since acquired:

Twilight – At some point last Christmas (as in 2015) I received a small bottle of this and then fell in love with it. And then before I knew it I discovered that it was seasonal and I would have to wait a year before I could  have it back in my life. And get it back in my life I did. I initially bought a small one just to sort of get me through the festive period. And it did, for the first week of my holidays. And then because I need a new shampoo I found myself buying a bigger bottle. And I’ve gotten too attached to it because it’s season is over and I’m gonna have to wait until the end of the year again to have it again, just gonna have to enjoy it while it lasts. The smell of it is just divine. It’s sort of musky and yet also vanilla-y. Then there is a lavender undertone to it all. It’s just a delight to wash with every day. It’s so soothing, and a nice contrast to my typical citrus-y shower gels.

Sugar Plum Fairy – I reached the dregs of Mint Juleps at some point in November without even realising and then when I was in the queue at Lush I just ended up picking this up because it gave me good vibes. And it was seasonal and apparently I am a sucker for a seasonal product despite my Scrooge like tendencies. It’s a good lip scrub for the most part. It’s a little bit crumbly and occasionally it’s a bit mess, but for the most part it gets the job done and leaves a nice smooth base for me to apply my lipstick on.

Daddy-O – This product is just really fucking pretty. It’s a gorgeous purple colour that looks a bit like a galaxy when it’s squeezed on my palm. Also it lathers purple (and it lathers really well) and I get a small joy rinsing it away in all it’s purple glory. The scent of this shampoo lingers for days and at first it drove me a bit mad because I couldn’t quite place the smell. Anyway, it hit me one day that it smells a bit like parma violets. It’s not necessarily an unpleasant smell, but parma violets brings back some memories from my childhood…As I’ve said before I’m never that fussed about shampoo, it just needs to clean my hair, which most do just fine, so I will probably try a different one when this runs out, but purely for the smell and the look of it I would probably repurchase this. (Although I have noticed that my hair feels a bit better these days, but that might also have something to do with the fact that overall I am just conditioning it more and keeping it well moisturised.)

Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease – I mentioned in my goals for this year that my aim was to take better care of my hair and I had already started this in mid-December when I purchased this and slathered it onto my hair.I think I only picked this up because it showed up this video and I am always down for anything that will help tame this curly hair. It definitely felt softer once I had rinsed it out, washed and conditioned my hair (and detangled, always detangling). It also feels slightly healthier as well, but again that might just be because of all the extra care I’ve actually bothered to put into my hair now. I’m a little bit conflicted on the smell of it to be honest. It lingers on the hair for dayyyssss. Like 3 or 4 and that’s with shampooing and conditioning, so to be on the fence about it is slightly conflicting. It’s kind of an overpowering smell, I can’t even think of something to liken it to like parma violets because I just can’t place the smell at all. It’s not too big an issue I guess, given that it works and rather wonderfully can be used on dry hair meaning I can start a hair routine with it and get some other things done in the 20 minutes I need to leave it in for. The smell is one of the only drawback with it because otherwise it’s a product that I can say works. The price to size ratio is also a drawback because I have thick, dry, curly, long hair and no recommended amount of product is never enough for me so I go through this quite quickly. I think I can get 4 treatments out of it, I’ve used it twice and my mum has used it once and I think I can maybe get one final use out of it on my hair…or on her considerably shorter hair… So yeah, that’s a drawback as well.

And they are the most recent Lush purchases that I have made since the last time I did one of these back in November.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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