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This is a post in which I talk about some recent Lush products that I bought a few weeks back (as a little “yay I got a job” treat…to myself). And then I have thought about writing this post since, but clearly have only just got around to actually doing it. There is a reason for this other than my lack of…something. The main one being that I wanted to be able to form an actual opinion on the products rather than do a first impressions kind of thing in relation to this post.

(I should apologise for the quality of this picture, I impulsively decided to write this post and didn’t get the chance to get decent ones.)

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First up is Mask of Magnaminty (Face and Body Mask). I have been looking for a face mask for a while to use when my skin is feeling particularly bleugh, which is increasingly the case these days with my daily commute into London. Plus this one is self preserving and that is a great bonus.

The smell is just divine, but that may just be because I love the smell of mint/peppermint. It feels really exfoliating and washing it off my face makes a clear difference to its appearance and also makes my skin feel super soft. I’ve taken to just milling around with it on for about 10/15 minutes on a Sunday and scrubbing the week off my face (It also feels really light when it’s on, to the point that I almost forgot that I was wearing it on Sunday and nearly took the bin outside) and it’s doing wonders for my skin I think. I might try some other Lush masks but I will definitely come back to this one.

Second is Skin Drink (Facial Moisturiser). I unfortunately can’t say I am a fan of this to be honest. I (currently, subject to imminent change) pair this with the face mask and it feels hydrating for all of an hour and then my skin starts to look really greasy and feel a bit gross which it hasn’t done since I was about 16. At first I though it might have just been a bad skin time but it has happened weekly since, so probably not. I also don’t really like the smell, I don’t know how to describe it but I’m not a fan either way. Unlikely to buy again.

And lastly we have R&B Hair Moisturiser. 

If you don’t know already my hair looks like this:

and I spend a fortune on conditioner (which always runs out before my shampoo, the perils of a co-wash).I go through so much mainly because I use it to keep my hair unfrizzy (not a word I know), so I was in the market for something that had a little bit more longevity than my good ol’ reliable Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (which is still good and reliable, just not 4 times a week anymore). I decided to take a shot at this because I was on the website (obviously) and it was recommended for my hair type and I thought why not.

I am very glad I took that chance.because this is my new fave thing for my hair. Firstly it doesn’t take all that much to get the job done which I was surprised about because my hair is thick as hell and drinks up anything that is put in it like rain in a dessert. I learnt that it didn’t take much  by putting the amount of product that I usually  do in my hair and finding that it started to look really greasy and feel heavy which I really don’t need in my life, but then I tried less and found that it held up. I still use more than a penny sized amount but it’s less than I’m used to.

Secondly, it leaves my hair feeling super soft and keeps the curls really defined with minimal frizz (I am pretty sure I have it on my hair in the above picture). And finally it smells quite nice, a bit musky but I’m not too fussed about that anymore, I found it a bit weird at first. I think the main reason for that though was because it was a clear departure from the smell of bubblegum that I had grown accustomed to (I still am accustomed to it tbh, my shampoo and conditoner still smell like that), but a quick change to get used to. So yeah, I am very much a fan of this product and when it eventually runs out I will probably buy it again.

And there we have it. My little (slightly old) Lush haul.

Parentheses count: 11. See you tomorrow!

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