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So I’m finally going to acknowledge that for the past month or so my little corner of the internet has been looking a little different.

The reason for this?

Someone went self hosted at the end of November.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but for whatever reason have just never gotten around to it. Mostly because I still had so many months on my WordPress plan and wasn’t about to throw that small investment away.

And then the stars seemed to align. I got an email letting me know that I had 30 days before a renewal was going to happen and I heard favourable things about a self hosting website called Lyrical Host and then suddenly I had a fairly short amount of time to complete what is kind of a big thing.

Give that the turnaround was kind of quick I hadn’t really had the proper time to wrap my head around the whole being self hosted thing.

Thankfully the lovely Jenni was able to answer my many questions and make me feel more certain about my kind of shotgun decision.

So I booked my migration (and rebooked it…twice). It was all very straight forward and simple, even the rescheduling of it. When the time for the migration started, other than having to set up a new WordPress account I didn’t really have to do anything for a while. It all just took place over the course of a Sunday afternoon.

They uploaded an SSL certificate to my website (grateful for that, ain’t got a bloody clue where to start with that one). They tried as much as possibly to make the blog as it was transfer over and let me know when they couldn’t (because my old theme just had to make things complicated). They backup my website for me which is useful to know.

I got given a link to check it out before it went live and once that was all okay up it went. The only snag was when my new WordPress dashboard log in details didn’t quite work initially, but Joseph, who was dealing with my migration told me to wait a little longer and sure enough that worked. My domain transfer started migrating over to Lyrical Host and suddenly this space on the internet was fully in my hands. Which was a little terrifying because I had no idea what I was doing.

Thankfully, Lyrical Host seemed to anticipate that so while I got myself reacquainted with the backend of WordPress and tried to make my theme a little less shit, I read the Welcome Pack they sent me when I set up the account.

They provided some recommended plug-ins that I installed and tried to get to grips with and they also have a blog with some extra information and extra stuff. It all made the small mountain I had found myself at the bottom of a little less terrifying to climb. Also part of this welcome pack are stock photos, and you get news one each month once your subscriber, and you know I love a perk. This is a great one because I still have no photography game. Side note, guess who is currently in the process of re-doing all the featured images for her posts? All 900 and something of them…?

If you couldn’t glean at this point that I think highly of Lyrical Host then let me express it bluntly. I think very highly of Lyrical Host.

Firstly the support received was incredible from the outset, Jenni really did answer all my questions with such clarity, and Joseph throughout the migration process was great. I haven’t had to raise a lot of support tickets since then, however there was one I had to raise (to see if there was a way to make my life a little less manual) and Joseph was also super helpful and speedy to reply, and whaddya know, I can make some things a little less manual, Halleu.

Secondly, they are so transparent, I didn’t go in worried that at a later date I was going to find myself with an extra charge. They issue invoices and you can see them all on your account page.

The whole experience was so easy and stress free, which I needed to be honest. This blog has weirdly stressed me out a lot these past few months (if you couldn’t tell, I feel like you could tell) and so I needed something to not be stressful. And there have been elements of that since as I’ve had to get to grips with things like SEO and plug-ins that I’ve never had to really think about all that much before. Also, the way that I write my posts has changed and so I’ve had to get to grips with that one as well. Oh and because my old theme wasn’t available in the transfer I had to choose a new one and with that new little design change I also thought ‘screw it’ and now here I am changing all the featured images and just the overall aesthetic, oh also I had to learn what a child theme is.

It has also actually made me fall in love with my corner of the internet again which was something that I really needed to do because everything felt stagnant and gross. But now I have a renewed sense of passion for it and 2019 feels like a year where I’m going to up my game a little bit more.

If you’re thinking about making the move to being self-hosted I honestly cannot recommend Lyrical Host enough and you can use GIRAFFEFILES to get 10% off any of their plans.

And currently they are offering an amazing bundle throughout January to help kickstart you blog into 2019:

Parentheses count: 5. See you on Monday!

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