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It kind of feels like my second Thursday today because on multiple occasions yesterday (and I wasn’t the only one) I thought it was Thursday. So, take 2 at it. This post has turned out to be very applicable as it links in nicely to the way I have been spending my time after work and before bed this week.

Which fantasy buying make up. Lots and lots of make up. Mainly lipsticks. Which is whatever, except for one thing…I don’t wear make up on a regular basis.

I mean I could, but one I don’t really sleep enough as it is so I can’t really justify waking up earlier just to put a face on and two, I can’t do it on the train because I can barely put mascara and eyeliner on when I’m stable let alone when I’m on a rush hour train, so I salute those who do it. So I don’t wear it on a regular basis but that apparently isn’t going to stop me from cramming make up bags (yes plural).

I wasn’t always this way though, this is very much a recent development, that was sparked by my overwhelming desire to find THE perfect red lipstick. I have found it, and several others since…

And because apparently buying one lipstick is like opening some kind of Pandora’s box I have now acquired quite a collection (and look, I may or may not have bought 3 different lipsticks in the space of 24 hours just before Christmas…).

As well as quite a collection of other things.

Typically I used to only feebly attempt eyeliner and mascara, sometimes I went for eye shadow but I tend to create some kind of effect that resembles a black eye more than anything else. Then one day it was like I discovered foundation existed (I mean I always knew it was there but I couldn’t be bothered to find out what my shade was because that seemed far too complicated) and my eyes were opened to the fact that my complexion could look less like a scarred mess and kinda fresh. I mean not enough to give up sleep and go through the motions of buffing it onto my face (I always have been and might always will be a powder foundation girl…another reason I can’t apply on the train) but enough for a slight change to occur.

A change that developed into something more, slowly and then all at once.

A change that was not helped when I decided that following a whole bunch of beauty bloggers was a good idea (it was a bloody fantastic idea, I regret nothing. My bank balance might and the impulse control section of my brain has taken a slight battering, but other than that. No regrets.).

I found (still do find) myself becoming invested in various beauty products. I spent a good while one day back in October searching for a new product for my eyebrows and I am still lamenting the fact that the PERFECT BB cream exists in the world without actually existing right now and it’s legit too much hassle to try and find a different one because I can guarantee that people will just tell me that the perfect shade is a blend of two and….no. I’ll wait. Maybe. Who knew that I would be this invested in it.

But I am.

Also, and this is a super recent development, I have become very much int make up brushes. Because it makes sense right? It totally does, can’t apply make up (on the occasion that it actually makes it onto my face) without the right tools. And boy have I acquired a lot of the right tools (as well as a make up brush cleaner, I am taking this whole thing very seriously). I would like to both thank and lament the existence of Real Techniques (and also the word ‘sale’) for creating a situation where my make up brush case doesn’t really close properly. So, it’s basically following the same vein as my make up cases (still a plural).

To be honest I quite enjoy looking at my make up case in the morning as I go through the motions of cleaning my face both morning and night and just basking in the possibilities that it holds for me when I have the time to dedicate to it. I have the time to go through all the primers and the powders and the perfecting of the eyeliner wings, the mascara face and the methodical process of applying lipstick (and everything in between).

I am also on a make up buying ban, because it runs the risk of getting out of hand, but judging by the way that I have been wishlisting these past few nights it is actually going to turn out to be quite a test (like I am gonna have to add it to the STOP BUYING SO DAMN MANY list along with boots and books (which I fell right off the wagon with around Christmas…oops)). But a test that I will have to undertake nonetheless, if only for the lack of storage.

This also applies to nail varnish…good God do not get me started on the nail varnish…

Parentheses count: 14. See you tomorrow!

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