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Hi, Hey, Hello!

And we’re out of the letters, which means normal (whatever the hell that means to me anymore) service will be resumed.

I’m starting the month with a little bit of a beauty chat for the next few days. Then there will be some writing updates (because what up NaNo Month). And then because it’s been a hot minute the book reviews will be coming thick and fast.

For now though let me swing back into this post. Which is hair based.

I had to emergency buy some new styling products because I couldn’t find the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and my Only Curls styling creme kept going out of stock at a rate that I could not snap it up quickly enough.

So, I had to branch out. Which I’m always skeptical to do because what if they don’t work? Also what combo will work best with my thick ass hair. There are a lot of variables to consider.

So, I had to hit up the black hair care aisle and figure it out. In the end I settled on something that was similar to my Shea Moisture set up. A styling milk and a curl enhancing smoothie. These were provided by Maui Moisture. On this particular set up of products I’ve also add an anti-frizz Kukui Oil from OGX to the process because the heat from the summer has done my hair dirty.

This combo of products have revived my love for my hair because they leave the curls popping once I’ve taken the time to apply them properly.

I’m a scruncher. And an air dryer. There are a lot of opportunities for my hair to get frizzy and the curls just do what they want. There is therefore very little room for error.

But the results that these two (three) products five are incredible. I would say they may be my fave combo but that would probably be a lie because my hair will get bored eventually.

They’re my current faves though because they’re the ones I’m using.

The milk is a great base for coating my hair and it creates so much hold. My gripe with that one though is that the bottle is so damn rigid that it makes it a nightmare to get out.

The smoothie is also really thick. I love a thick hair product. It leaves my curls feeling like they are actually going to hold the curl for a little while. Once it’s raked through I just scrunch the ends a couple of times, then scrunch up completely once.

Then I spray 3 pumps (per section, I either cut into 3 or 4 sections depending on what my overall look will be) of Kukui Oil into my hand, take that through lightly scrunch back up and leave it the hell alone.

The results so far (most of the time, depending on when int he week I do it and whatever the hell the weather is doing) have been so good.

My scepticism at branching out to unknown styling products territory was rendered completely unnecessary because my hair these past few weeks has been truly thriving and it has these products to thank.

I’m kind of gagging to go back to Shea Moisture at the moment because its been a hot minute since I’ve used them and I want to know what it’ll do months on.

But it’s good to know that these products will be there should I need them.

Parentheses count: 5. See you Monday!

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