May Playlist

May Playlist

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It’s the last Sunday of the month which means I’m peeking my head out of my hibernation just to present this month’s playlist, because it had pretty much already been compiled in my head by the time that I had decided that I was going to take this little blogging break. But I’m not quuiiiitttteeeee back yet, I’m probably gonna give it another week. Or maybe two…

1) Talking to Myself – Gallant

Sometimes songs are just magic and this is one of those songs. The beat, the vocals, the overall feel of the thing. It’s just great. And therefore is the opener to my playlist.

2) There Will Be Time – Mumford and Sons

The second I heard the opening notes of this song I knew it would be epic. It really built into something awesome, and the first listening I had of it was like receiving a really great present that just kept on giving. And it gets better with every listen. Super happy that they are back with new music.

3) Phenomenal Woman – Laura Mvula

Anything is inspired by Maya Angelou is alright with me, especially when it also includes Laura Mvula. Again I am really glad that Laura is back, and the video to this song is just delightful (and also the most summery thing I may ever witness this year…gotta love British Summertime)

4) Under The Influence – Elle King

I love this song. And it happened all of a sudden to be honest. I was super indifferent to it every time I heard it on the radio at first and then one day it was like a lightbulb moment or something. The lyrics are just on point.

5) Daddy Lessons/Don’t Hurt Yourself/Freedom – Beyoncé

Look there are only 3 songs from Lemonade on this playlist and given that if I haven’t been listening to musicals or the odd bit of Kelly Clarkson I have been listening to this and am still so in love with it and could probably write essays about why that is that case, the fact that there are only 3 is actually showing great restraint. And it was hard to pick just 3, but DHY was just my total, complete stand out from the second I heard, same for Freedom almost solely because Kendrick’s verse exists. Daddy Lessons was a slow burner for me, but when it hit, it hit. Plus side note, her outfit in the visual album for Daddy Lessons is just divine and I want to steal it. These are just highlights for me though, the whole album is a revolution and I may never not be obsessed with it.

6) Kiss it Better – Rihanna

I like Anti and this was one of my fave songs off it, so I was happy that it was released as a single because it meant that I got to hear more just casually as it played on the radio. And then for some reason I had one single line of it in my head on loop for no real reason (‘man fuck your pride’ is the line FYI) and as such it has made up a lot of my month purely because my brain likes to mess with me.

7) Say It – Flume ft Tove Lo

Tove Lo is everywhere I right now and I enjoy that very much. This is yet another great song featuring her vocals and also puts me in the mood for summer. Like a really specific mood, the kind of mood where I want to be at a festival just not giving a shit. New feeling for me. That’s what this song has done to me…

8) Everybody Needs Love – Zak Abel

This song is on an advert which means I was exposed to it quite a bit, for which I am grateful. It’s so good, and it just reminded me of the fact that Zak Abel is an artist that I should definitely be listening to more often (but I can’t quite cool it with the musicals yet, or maybe ever)

9) Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

I legit almost start weeping when Timberlake feels the need to stealthily mention that he is dropping new music. Seriously. His 3 albums are just all such solid, solid albums with so many great songs. He never disappoints. Ever. And he didn’t again. My dad said a couple of weeks ago that this is the happiest song he as heard on the radio in a while and I can’t disagree with him. It’s so good. My current feel-good jam.

10) I’m Here – Cynthia Erivo

As a direct consequence of watching the Prince tribute I became obsessed with The Colour Purple soundtrack. It’s fucking fantastic on a whole. But this song, good god this song just floored me. I first heard it at maybe someone the exact worse and the exact right time, and then just listened to it on repeat and tried not to cry in the street as I went about my business (yeah it had that kind of initial response from me, not ideally when it’s a just after 9 and you’re about to walk into the office for work…seriously it’s not.) And that is the sentiment I am gonna leave you all with for today.

Parentheses: 3. See you soon!

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